What is a single stage rotary vane vacuum pump

The single-stage rotary vane vacuum pump has been successfully used in various industries for many years because of its high cost performance, strong technical reliability and long service life. So what is the single-stage rotary vane vacuum pump and what industries are it mainly used in? Today, EVP vacuum pump manufacturer introduces to you what is the single-stage rotary vane vacuum pump?

Single stage rotary vane vacuum pump is currently widely used in various industries, applicable to the field of low and medium vacuum, mainly used to extract air and other dry gases. It is one of the main equipment of low and medium vacuum, which can be used alone, and also can become the front stage pump of vacuum pump in gas. The single-stage rotary vane vacuum pump has the characteristics of reliable operation performance, less wearing parts, less vibration, low noise and high efficiency.

Rotary vacuum pump for tablet packing machine

single stage rotary vane vacuum pump characteristics

1. High quality oil mist filter can effectively solve the problem of fuel injection, smoke emission and prolong product life.

2. The seal is made of fluororubber to improve the corrosiveness and solve the problem of oil leakage.

3. Multi stage gas town design to meet the vacuum degree requirements and water vapor treatment capacity of different customers.

In summary, the single-stage rotary vane vacuum pump is widely used at present, mainly due to its high reliability,

Which industries can single-stage rotary vane vacuum pump be used in?

The vacuum application of single-stage rotary vane vacuum pump is mainly used in the vacuum packaging of all kinds of food in the food manufacturing industry; the vacuum compression packaging of all kinds of soft goods in the textile industry; the vacuum drying, distillation and concentration in the chemical industry; the vacuum fixture in the mechanical processing; the very empty loading and unloading in the transportation operation; the vacuum suction in the hospital operating room; the Blister molding in the plastic industry, etc.

The single-stage rotary vane vacuum pump has the advantages of simple structure, easy operation and maintenance. It is a basic equipment for obtaining vacuum in a wide range of use. Its working principle is the same as that of the general positive displacement pump. It is composed of a rotor installed concentrically with the transmission shaft and located in the eccentric position in the pump body. There are three radial sliding blades on the rotor. The pump cavity is divided into three working rooms. The extracted gas enters the pump room from the suction port, and enters the pump room through the open check valve and filter screen. When the rotor rotates, the working room that completes the suction automatically follows The air inlet is isolated and compressed, and the gas is discharged through the passage between the pump chamber and the exhaust box. Rotate for one cycle and repeat three times.

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