dry screw vacuum pump in EVA production process

The vacuum degassing of the reactor in the production process of EVA hot melt adhesives. The vacuum pumps used to use oil-free reciprocating pumps and water ring vacuum systems. Because part of the hot melt adhesive vapor will be The vacuum system is drawn out and pumped into the vacuum pump. If an oil vacuum pump is used, the lubricating oil is easily contaminated and becomes very viscous, and the vacuum pump is easily overloaded. If a general oil-free vacuum pump is used, EVA glue is also easy to deposit in the pump. Requires frequent cleaning. The EVP dry screw vacuum pump can overcome the problem of EVA and can keep the equipment free of maintenance and repair for 3-5 years, and the power consumption and efficiency of the vacuum pump are higher than other types of vacuum pumps.

dry screw vacuum pump in EVA production process

Dry screw vacuum pump operation application

As the use rate of dry pumps is getting higher and higher, its quality is getting higher and higher. Because of its characteristics and advantages, it is widely used by everyone, so everyone can better apply it. Let’s learn about the use of dry pumps.

The dry screw vacuum pump is a suction and exhaust device formed by using two screws to rotate in the pump body at high speed and reverse direction at the same time. It is an upgraded product of an oil-sealed vacuum pump. It is widely used in domestic pharmaceutical, chemical, semiconductor and other industries. When using dry screw vacuum pumps, we don’t pay much attention to the operation specifications of the product. Some bad operating habits may cause the equipment to not be used normally, or damage the parts of the equipment during long-term use. Therefore, the operation of the standard dryer is It is very necessary to carefully improve the operation ability of all levels of the product, and carry out some simple operation training for the users, and have a certain understanding of the equipment, so as to extend the service life of the equipment and improve the characteristics of the equipment.

In order to accelerate the application ability of dry screw vacuum pumps, the advantages of the product must be reflected in every operation detail. In accordance with the use specifications, the training of employees shall be increased to improve the integrity of the product in accordance with strict operating methods. Thereby expanding the use capacity of its production operations, which can also improve its own maintenance capabilities for the use of equipment, enhance the production needs of the enterprise, and reflect the application advantages of the product. Therefore, standardizing the operating procedures has played a very good role in the use and life extension of dry screw vacuum pumps. It can also enhance the importance of production safety, ensure the safety of users, and effectively improve the practicability of the equipment. Reflects the guarantee of product strength. For the longevity of the machine, it has improved its own safety, and I hope everyone can strictly abide by it.

dry screw vacuum pump

Dry screw vacuum pump of vacuum processing technology

With the development of social high-tech technology, more and more industries have stricter requirements for vacuum cleaning and environmental protection, so as to avoid the pollution of oil return and seepage. Dry screw vacuum pumps are mainly used for high-purity vacuum processing processes. Process gas containing condensable steam and gas containing fine particles.

Since the dry screw vacuum pump has no vacuum pump material, the gas passing through the dry screw vacuum pump is not contaminated by the vacuum pump material. In this way, the lower part of the dry screw vacuum pump is transformed into the lower part of the superheated steam, which further improves the utilization rate of organic solvent raw materials, which is particularly beneficial to the difficult raw materials under the dry screw vacuum pump. The dry screw vacuum pump is equipped with this process. The waste gas discharged can basically contain industrial waste gas. In addition, after the exhaust gas of the dry screw pump passes through the shell side of the tubular condenser, the noise is greatly reduced. Compared with the starter motor, the dry screw vacuum pump has low vacuum degree, small pumping and supplying volume, but compact volume, easy to install, simple to maintain, easy to move, and no environmental pollution, especially in places with higher requirements. It is also good to buy dry When using a screw vacuum pump, you must first determine the vacuum degree required for the work. If the required truth degree is high, the dry screw vacuum pump selected must be higher than the required vacuum degree, otherwise it will not meet the working standard.

The above is an introduction to the dry screw vacuum pump. You can understand that the correct operation method can achieve good results during use. If you don’t understand, you can call for consultation, and we will give it according to your actual requirements. You make reasonable suggestions to avoid unnecessary trouble in blind operation.

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