Liquid ring pump for plastic/paper/leathger products

High quality single-stage liquid ring vacuum pump, used for plastic / paper / leather products) in the whole leather processing process, leather vacuum dehydration, vacuum drying, vacuum impurity removal, vacuum setting. The practice shows that the water ring vacuum pump is stable, efficient, durable, convenient and oil-free.

Liquid ring vacuum pump is classified according to pump shaft support structure

1) cantilever type
The impeller is installed on the pump shaft extending beyond the two supports (bearings). Because the pump shaft is cantilever and the stress state is not good, it is not suitable to be used as a two-stage pump. Similarly, when it is used as a compressor, it is not suitable to be used as a single acting type. Therefore, the cantilever base wood is used as a single-stage vacuum pump with small air volume or a double acting compressor with medium and small air volume. It can be further divided into two types:

A. direct pump
The pump shaft is directly extended by the motor or directly connected with the motor shaft, so it is simple and compact in structure, small in volume and light in weight, suitable for small volume vacuum pump.

B. bracket pump
The pump shaft is supported by a bracket and can be made into a compressor of medium and small gas basins. But its specific weight is large and its economy is poor, so it can only be used in special occasions. If the liquid ring is a highly corrosive medium, the material and shaft seal of the overflow part of the pump are required to be high. At this time, because there are few parts and only one shaft seal of this type of pump, the loss caused by the corrosion damage of the parts is correspondingly reduced, and the reduction of the shaft seal also increases the reliability of operation.

2) simply supported
The impeller is installed on the pump shaft within the support. The pump shaft is in good stress state, which is suitable for two-stage pump and most single-stage pumps. It is the most basic and commonly used structure type.

Liquid ring pump for plastic/paper/leathger products

Liquid ring pump for plastic/paper/leathger products

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