How to repair corrosion vacuum pump

Vacuum pump is a kind of device or equipment that uses mechanical, physical, chemical or physicochemical methods to extract air from the container to obtain vacuum. Generally speaking, vacuum pump is a device which can improve, produce and maintain vacuum in a closed space by various methods. It is widely used in metallurgy, chemical industry, food, electronic coating and other industries.

Knowledge of vacuum pump corrosion: due to the particularity and complexity of production and equipment operation environment, vacuum pump corrosion, abrasion and cavitation are very common problems, resulting in the decline of pump working efficiency, structural strength, vibration increase, leakage and other problems, which not only affect the safe and continuous operation of the enterprise, but also have a great impact on energy consumption. The forms of vacuum pump corrosion can be divided into two categories: overall (uniform) corrosion and local corrosion. The former occurs more evenly on all surfaces of vacuum pump, while the latter only occurs locally, such as hole corrosion, crevice corrosion, intergranular corrosion, stress corrosion, etc.

Materials used in the corrosion repair of vacuum pump: in view of the corrosion problems of vacuum pump, Solay carbon nano polymer material can be used for repair or corrosion protection. With its excellent anti-corrosion, abrasion, cavitation performance, bonding performance and mechanical performance, the material has achieved good application effect in the protection of pumps (corrosion, cavitation, erosion), and the technical operation Simple, short repair time, high repair efficiency, high repair safety, not only can greatly extend the life cycle of the equipment, but also can improve the operation efficiency of the equipment, which has been widely used in the repair and protection of vacuum pump, desulfurization pump, sludge pump, slurry pump, salt mud pump and other pumps. It is worth mentioning that this material can not only be used for vacuum pump protection, but also for metal reconstruction, corrosion protection, leakage treatment, rubber conveyor belt scratch repair, rubber seal, concrete repair and other fields.

Case of vacuum pump corrosion repair: two vacuum pumps in an enterprise suffered from corrosion leakage, which seriously affected production safety. The vacuum pump is a kenfrey safety ring pump, with the rotating speed of 1450 rpm, material of 316L, medium of hydrochloric acid and solvent, temperature of about 40 ℃, pump head perforation and distribution plate serious corrosion.

How to repair corrosion vacuum pump

How to repair corrosion vacuum pump

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