vacuum system in LED electronic display

With the development of economy, LED electronic display plays an increasingly important role in the development of modern cities. Therefore, the production efficiency and quality of the products are concerned in the process of production. The display manufacturing industry seeks the right equipment, and we recommend the application of vacuum system in LED electronic display. LED electronic display is a new display equipment, which is widely used in all walks of life, such as advertising media, traffic guidance, information publicity, command and dispatching, security monitoring, etc.

With the transition of the display from LCD to led to OLED, more accurate measurement and precise control are necessary. It is for this reason that the display manufacturing industry has been investing in the latest technologies and functions, pushing film controllers and QCM to a new level. Hundreds of quartz crystal and sensor heads are provided for various applications, which is the market leader in providing film controllers for display manufacturing industry. It also provides a complete series of vacuum meters, vacuum components and helium leak detector for the display industry, which is suitable for any display processing and application.

The paper mainly introduces two aspects, one is led big screen automatic loading and led sealing, because both aspects need to use vacuum pump system to work. First, let’s analyze these two pieces.

LED large screen automatic mounting: automatic mounting is actually a combination of two steps: glue (dispensing) and chip installation. First, the LED bracket is marked with silver glue (insulating glue), and then the LED chip is sucked up and moved by vacuum system with suction nozzle, and then placed on the corresponding support position. The automatic loading should be familiar with the equipment operation programming in the process, and adjust the glue and installation accuracy of the equipment. In the selection of suction nozzle, rubber suction nozzle shall be selected as far as possible to prevent damage to the surface of LED chip, especially for blue and green chips, rubber shall be used. Because the nozzle will scratch the current diffusion layer on the chip surface.

Led sealing: LED electronic display mainly includes glue, filling and molding. The difficulty of process control is bubble, lack of material and black spot. The design is mainly to select the material, choose the epoxy and support with good combination. Led dispensing, LED is suitable for dispensing packaging. Manual dispensing package requires high operation level (especially white LED), the main difficulty is to control the dispensing amount, because epoxy will thicken in the process of use. The problem of light color difference caused by the precipitation of fluorescent powder is still existed in the spot glue of white LED; LED is filled with glue and LED is sealed in the form of potting.

The filling process is to inject liquid epoxy into the LED large screen forming die cavity, then insert the LED large screen bracket which is welded by pressing, put it into the oven to let the epoxy solidify, and then take the led out of the mold cavity and form it; LED die pressing package, put the pressed LED large screen bracket into the mold, close the upper and lower sets of moulds with vacuum system and vacuum, and put the solid-state epoxy into the glue injection channel The mouth heating is pressed into the mold glue path with hydraulic jacking rod, and the epoxy enters into each LED forming groove along the glue path and solidifies.

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