Two-stage series roots blower

Roots blower two-stage roots blower is composed of two series of equipment, each blower chamber has two steering instead of 3 leaf type rotor, each 3 leaf type rotor supported by two bearings, using a pair of synchronous gears of high precision, is the relative position of two rotor always remains the same, between the rotor and keep some space between the rotor and housing, rotate out of contact, rotor under the side body of synchronous gear drive, with the help of the meshing of two rotor, air inlet and air outlet is separated from each other and complete the case between the rotor and closed gas from the suction side to spit out side of the transfer process, To move the gas in the working chamber from the inlet to the outlet without internal compression during rotation. There are small gaps between rotor and rotor, rotor and box, rotor and wall plate, so there is no friction and no contact wear part in the working cavity.

Two-stage series roots blower

Two-stage series roots blower

How does roots blower reduce aeration

Three – leaf Roots blower has a constant torque load, saving rate and speed down to N%=△N% ratio. Although it is different from the ordinary blower, but the pump energy saving rate is higher, but as long as the furnace wall is not bad, its power is greater. Working 24 hours a day is a long start. As a result, the potential for energy conservation and cost savings are high. The technical transformation of three-leaf Roots blower means to adjust the opening pressure of valve or the production quantity of air, reduce labor intensity, timely adjust and improve the qualified rate of products. After adopting frequency conversion energy-saving technology, cement plant can not only save electricity (up to 30%-50%), improve product quality, but also improve the flexibility and adaptability of use.

Determine wind characteristics to prevent hard drives from closing exits or inlets to regulate airflow and then blocking the main process area. After optimization of the above measures, a large number of redundant air control Roots blower can be avoided, resulting in a large number of blower energy consumption. Bypass valves require constant maintenance due to prominent wear and corrosion problems. It is mainly composed of roots wind tank, wall panel and two impeller rotor components. A pair of synchronous gears act in opposite directions, making the rotor rotate at two constant speeds. Depending on the impeller and impeller, the clearance between the impeller and the housing makes the intake chamber and the exhaust chamber basically independent. Impeller rotation means that the purpose of aeration is to promote in the case of high gas volume.

Roots blower to reduce aeration:

1. Adjust the rotation speed of roots blower
Add frequency conversion control cabinet to the motor of Roots blower. By adjusting the rotation frequency of the motor, the aeration amount of the blower can be adjusted. This is a simple way to control the air volume, but the price of the variable frequency control cabinet is not cheap, if we need to adjust the air volume, then customize a transducer and install it, if the air volume is a little larger without much impact, then you can not care about these.

2. Adjust the bypass valve
When we are selecting roots blower, if the model is too large and the air volume is too large, then we can adjust the bypass valve to make the air volume leakage a little larger. In this way, the adjustment can also play the role of air volume regulation, but the air volume cannot be adjusted, only rough adjustment can be made. If the model is larger, it still has some disadvantages. The first one is relatively large in energy consumption, which not only costs more in purchasing, but also costs more in using.

3. Remodel
If the volume of Roots blower we purchased is too large, we can return the goods to the manufacturer and ask them to re-select for us. In this way, it will be very troublesome to return the equipment. Please make psychological preparations in advance.
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