Dry screw vacuum pump of cylinder

Dry screw vacuum pump and cylinder of matching principle

Every big thing is made up of small things, and in some cases, these small things can even determine the success of the big things. Therefore, when we choose small parts, we must pay attention to the matching of the two, in order to play a big role. Today, we will take a look at the matching principle of dry screw vacuum pump and cylinder!

Dry screw vacuum pump of cylinder

1. The roundness and cylindricity of the cylinder shall comply with relevant regulations.

2. Measure the roundness and cylindricity of dry screw vacuum pump cylinder, and determine the boring cylinder or replacement according to its wear degree.

3. The diameter of the rear cylinder of the dry screw vacuum pump shall not exceed 2 of the original size, and the cylinder wall shall not be thinner than 1 / 12 of the original wall thickness.

4. The cylinder water jacket of dry screw vacuum pump is not allowed to have cracks or leakage.

5. The inner surface of the cylinder shall be free of cracks, sand holes, scars, grooves and other defects, and the surface roughness shall be 1.6.

 Dry screw vacuum pump

Cylinder is very important to dry screw vacuum pump, so we need to maintain it. In fact, no matter which part it is, we should take it seriously in the production process. Because, only if the quality of the parts themselves is high, can the products be better.

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