Vacuum pump in vacuum distillation

The chemical and pharmaceutical industries need a large number of high-end machines to help people produce the purest medicines. A key process that manufacturers follow is vacuum distillation. In addition to pharmaceutical industry, vacuum distillation is also used in food and beverage production. Crude oil is another field widely used in vacuum distillation. Due to the high content of heavy hydrocarbon and light hydrocarbon in crude oil, two separate distillation processes are needed to achieve different boiling points.

vacuum pump for distillation importance

Vacuum distillation is the center of many industries, especially those that need atmospheric distillation to purify products. For example, the crude oil is subject to double distillation. After atmospheric distillation, the pump carries out the second distillation to separate all heavy hydrocarbons, and its temperature is lower than the first separation. In fact, second distillation is essential to avoid any unwanted by-products and minimize thermal cracking.

vacuum pumps for distillation types

Vacuum pumps are very effective in distillation. If you are looking for a vacuum pump that is suitable for this purpose, make sure that it is corrosion-free and steam compatible. One of the vacuum pumps hooked on all the equipment needed for dry distillation is the dry screw vacuum variant. It is an ideal choice for distillation applications.

One of the reasons they are so popular in the pharmaceutical and beverage industries is that they can create a high vacuum in one stage. Because they don’t need any fluid to work, they can extract the desired product in the form of vapor without contaminating it. In this way, the manufacturer can use the product again after condensation. These pumps come in a variety of sizes and models, giving you the opportunity to compare power and pressure based on the product you are using.

Dry screw vacuum pump is most suitable for industries that need pollution-free gas and steam. Due to its free gas outlet and asymmetric screw profile, the pump is compatible with high particles and fluids. Most importantly, it has the best corrosion resistance and the ability to evenly distribute temperature. The high efficiency level of these pumps can extend their service life and reduce thermal stress.

In addition to dry screw vacuum pump, liquid ring vacuum pump is another excellent alternative product, which can play the same role as competitors. These are also used in different stages of the distillation process. An important reason for the popularity of this pump is its robust design. Depending on the distillation process you follow, you can choose between a single-stage pump or a two-stage pump. They have assembled soleplates and flange mounted motors to provide additional power for the distillation process.

The working principle of this pump has entered into various industries, especially in the industries that need emergency applications (such as vacuuming and extracting steam and gas). These are easy to manage liquid ring vacuum pumps. Similarly, the design of the pump plays a crucial role in meeting the needs of users. Custom system and substrate versions can extract large amounts of gas and vapor. In addition, the robust design allows the pump to operate continuously for several hours without losing its efficiency. Although there are different sizes and versions, you need to buy products that can effectively cope with stress. Some models support various accessories, so that the vacuum pump can adapt to any conditions.


The third vacuum pump supporting distillation is an oil lubricated rotary vane vacuum pump. Similar to the liquid ring vacuum pump type, the pump also has a solid design, you can rest assured that its operation reliability to meet industry needs and standards. You will be surprised to find that each industry uses more than 3 million oil lubricated rotary vane vacuum pumps every day. One of the reasons why it is so impacted in industrial home is its efficient and energy-saving vacuum generator. This method is not only useful for distillation, but also for various applications requiring two-stage purification.

The design of these pumps is largely due to circulating oil lubrication. It ensures a high and stable vacuum, and can even adapt to the worst working conditions. Due to different distillation processes in different industries, vacuum pumps need to be compatible with their respective distillation methods. The pump model is compatible with almost all distillation processes. If an air ballast valve is installed, the steam can be drawn out without condensation.

The last vacuum pump model useful in distillation process is the vacuum of rotating blade lubricated by direct current oil. Like previous pumps, the pump can operate in the worst conditions. All models available in this category have a two-stage distillation process. Maintenance requirements are low, you can expect the pump to be used continuously for many years without any interference. Its fresh oil lubrication allows you to extract gas and steam without the risk of pump corrosion.

Another reason people like this pump is that it allows users to best adapt to the distillation process. It will choose between loop cooling and radiator cooling processes based on the industry used. Its ability to change the cooling procedure distinguishes the pump from all other variants. You can also add accessories to the pump to improve its efficiency. However, if the oil dries, you need to make sure that the oil purchased is compatible with this model only. In addition to lubricants, several other liquids are needed to provide a better distillation process.

There are many vacuum distillation pumps available, and you must compare their advantages and disadvantages and determine which type is most suitable for your needs. When buying, don’t forget to consider pressure, distillation method and available space.

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