Negative pressure Roots blower

Flow range: 0.7m3/min-186m3/min
Pressure range: – 9.8kpa — 78.4kpa

Negative pressure Roots blower

Negative pressure Roots blower product features

1. The casting is cast by resin sand process, and the quality of fan casting is fully guaranteed.

2. The impeller is designed in strict accordance with the involute theory, and simulated on the computer. Before the installation of the impeller, it is necessary to do several rotation balance experiments to fully ensure the meshing characteristics of the involute, effectively reduce the leakage and improve the efficiency.

3. The shell and wallboard are processed by high-precision digital coordinate boring machine, with high precision and stable quality.

4. The intake and exhaust port adopts spiral structure and is equipped with muffler to make the inlet and exhaust pulsation gentle, vibration small and noise low.

5. The main and auxiliary oil tank splash lubrication is adopted for lubrication, which not only makes the lubrication more reliable, but also solves many shortcomings of grease lubrication and effectively improves the service life of bearings.

6. The sealing structure is reasonable, oil and gas can not enter the casing, therefore, the output air is clean and does not contain grease.

7. The bearing and V-belt are imported parts. The bearing is made in Japan and the V-belt is made in USA.

8. The fan gear is made of 20CrMnTi, carburized and grinded. The accuracy is up to grade 5. The tooth surface is more wear-resistant, and the gear noise can be significantly reduced.

9. The standard motor quality of Roots blower is stable and reliable.

10. Roots blower factory after 48 hours of trial operation, debugging qualified before delivery, to ensure the quality of Roots fan factory.

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