Rotary vacuum pump for tablet packaging machine

Use of tablet packaging machine

Tablet packaging machine is mainly used to pack round and granular products in medicine, chemical industry and industrial products. Such as: sugar coated tablets, plain tablets, steel balls, capsules and other materials packaging. It can continuously and automatically complete the whole process of bag making, measuring, filling, sealing, cutting, counting and other packaging. It is equipped with photoelectric trademark positioning device, and can also be attached with typing, cutting and other functions.

Pharmaceutical packaging machinery is a branch of general packaging machinery with high technical content and requirements. The application of rotary vacuum pump in pharmaceutical packaging is due to the high health requirements of the pharmaceutical industry, and the general packaging machine can not meet the requirements of the pharmaceutical industry. With its unique performance, rotary vacuum pump also has a good performance in the pharmaceutical packaging industry. After vacuum packaging, medicine mostly exists in a dust-free and sterile situation, which improves the safety and retention time of medical products.

First of all, let’s understand the concept of drug packaging.

Drug packaging refers to a kind of processing process in which the semi-finished products or finished products of drug preparations are divided (filled), sealed, packed, labeled, etc. by using appropriate materials or containers and packaging technology, so as to provide quality assurance, trademark identification and description for drugs. Drug packaging itself can be understood from two aspects: from the static point of view, packaging is to use related materials, containers, auxiliary materials and other materials to package drugs, playing its due function; from the dynamic point of view, packaging is to use materials, containers and auxiliary materials, technology and operation. The functions of drug packaging in the field of circulation can be divided into two categories: internal packaging and external packaging. Its functions are mainly in three aspects: protection function, convenient application and commodity publicity.

Rotary vacuum pump for tablet packing machine

Rotary vane vacuum pump features:

1. It has the advantages of fast pumping speed, small volume, light weight, low noise, convenient maintenance and high vacuum limit.

2. Reliable dust-proof device. For other rotary vane vacuum pumps, when sundries pass through the dust-proof device, they can be connected into the pump cavity. When the sundries of our vacuum pump pass through the dust-proof device, they can only flow around the outside of the dust-proof device. In this way, the normal operation of the vacuum pump is ensured, and the phenomenon of debris entering into the pump cavity is completely solved.

3. There is a composite screw with an air release valve and an oil inlet hole. The oil inlet holes of the two-stage rotary vane vacuum pump produced in China for many years are designed on the low-level exhaust valve seat inside the oil tank. When the oil hole is blocked, drain the oil and remove the oil tank to dredge the oil hole. As long as the composite screw is screwed out, the oil hole can be dredged, and sundries and water vapor can also be discharged. That is fast and labor-saving, greatly improving the efficiency of the vacuum pump.

Compared with other packaging machines, the most prominent function of the rotary tablet vacuum pump in the pharmaceutical tablet packaging machine is to avoid the safety problems such as mildew and deterioration caused by the contact between the drug and oxygen, and to effectively keep the original dust-free and sterile state of the drug for a long time.

At present, the pharmaceutical products have tended to be refined and diversified. The rotary tablet vacuum pump has become the pharmaceutical tablet Packaging machine packaging industry necessary packaging equipment, to meet the rapid development of the pharmaceutical industry demand, a large number of production line transformation for pharmaceutical machinery enterprises has brought a huge market.

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