chemical pump types

Chemical pump is a machine that can increase liquid energy. It drives the impeller to rotate at high speed through prime mover (motor or turbine), so that the liquid can obtain energy due to centrifugal force. It can be divided into the following categories:

According to the different chemical pump materials, the application fields are classified as follows

1) chemical pump (stainless steel material) is widely used in petroleum, chemical industry, metallurgy, synthetic fiber, pharmaceutical, food, synthetic fiber and other departments to transport alkaline corrosive medium;

2) chemical pump (made of fluoroplastics) is used to transport any acidic and alkaline corrosive medium;

3) chemical pump (made of cast iron) is used for industrial, urban water supply and drainage, as well as farmland and orchard drainage and irrigation, for conveying clear water or other liquids with physical and chemical properties similar to clear water.

Classification according to different uses of chemical pumps

1) process pump: including feed pump, reflux pump, circulating pump, flushing pump, sewage pump, make-up pump, output pump, etc.

2) utility pump: including boiler pump, cooling tower pump, fire pump, water source deep well pump, etc.

3) auxiliary pump: including lubricating oil pump, sealing oil pump, hydraulic transmission pump, etc.

4) pipeline delivery pump: pump for oil pipeline, pump for loading and unloading truck, etc.

Classification according to working principle and structure

1) vane pump: when rotating through the pump shaft, various impellers and vanes are driven to provide centrifugal or axial force to the liquid, and the liquid is delivered to the pipeline or container, such as centrifugal pump, vortex pump, mixed flow pump and axial flow pump.

2) positive displacement pump: a pump that uses the continuous change of the volume in the pump cylinder to deliver liquid, such as reciprocating pump, piston pump, gear pump and screw pump.

3) other types of pumps: there are electromagnetic pumps that use electromagnetic to transport liquid conductivity; pumps that use fluid energy to transport liquid, such as jet pumps, air lift, etc.


Classification by transport medium

1) water pump: including clean water pump, boiler feed pump, condensate pump and hot water pump.

2) corrosion resistant pump: including stainless steel pump, high silicon cast iron pump, ceramic acid resistant pump, impermeable graphite pump, hard rubber lined pump, UPVC pump, shielding pump, diaphragm pump, titanium pump, etc.

3) impurity pump: including slurry pump, sand pump, sewage pump, coal powder pump, ash pump, etc.

4) oil pump: cold oil pump, hot oil pump, submersible pump, oil slurry pump, liquid hydrocarbon pump, etc.

Classification by conditions of use

1) large flow and micro flow pumps: flow is 300m ³ / min and 0.o1l/min respectively;

2) high temperature pump and low temperature pump: high temperature up to 500 ℃, low temperature up to one z53 ℃;

3) high pressure pump and low pressure pump: high pressure reaches 200MPa, vacuum degree is 2.66-10.66kpa (20-80mmhg);

4) high speed pump and low speed pump: high speed up to 24000r / min, low speed 5-10r / min;

5) accurate metering pump: the metering accuracy of flow is ± 0.3%;

6) high viscosity pump: the viscosity reaches thousands of Pascal seconds (PA · s).

The internal of chemical pump does not need lubrication, and the delivered fluid will not be polluted by lubricating oil. Its equipment has simple structure, less vulnerable parts, long operation cycle, and small operation and maintenance workload. No leakage is the eternal pursuit of chemical equipment. It is this requirement that makes the application of liquid ring vacuum pump expand day by day.

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