Liquid ring vacuum pump for vacuum storage

Application of vacuum technology in grain processing and storage – vacuum shell blasting

Vacuum technology also has a lot of applications in grain storage and processing, such as vacuum conveying, vacuum drying, vacuum storage, vacuum dust removal and so on. Today, screw vacuum pump manufacturers to share with you a more interesting application of vacuum technology – vacuum shell blasting.

In our daily life, we can buy some nuts that have been shelled. The most common ones are like sunflower seeds, which are very convenient to eat. Have you ever wondered how these nuts were peeled? It’s impossible to peel by hand. The most traditional method can be used to remove the shell of some nuts by means of mechanical rolling, rolling, squeezing, etc., but these methods are easy to cause the fragmentation of nuts, affect the quality of the product after removing the shell. But after the combination of vacuum technology came out of the vacuum shell blasting way, these problems have been changed.

How does it work? The nuts were first rinsed and selected and then put into a vacuum shell blasting machine. In the process of vacuuming, heat is added to evaporate the water. The idea is that vacuum drying, at low pressure, makes it easier for water to evaporate and requires less heat. Under the action of the vacuum pump, the evaporated water is continuously removed. After drying, the shell is always under vacuum and low pressure. Toughness and strength decrease and brittleness increases. Liquid ring vacuum pump for vacuum storage.

When the shell is dried, the stress and strain are produced. Because of the heat, moisture inside the kernels vaporizes, causing the kernels to contract and detour from the endothelium and shell. However, most of the moisture after gasification is still in the shell, which causes the pressure inside the shell to rise gradually. Liquid ring vacuum pump for vacuum storage.

At this time, the shell is in the state of vacuum and low pressure, while the shell is in the state of high pressure. When the pressure difference is large enough to support the shell and lining of the fruit, it naturally explodes and the kernel comes out.

Under the blessing of vacuum technology, vacuum shell blasting is more efficient, hygienic and suitable for mass production than other methods. What’s more, vacuum shell blasting is not easy to destroy the kernel, which can maintain the shape, color and taste of the kernel and greatly improve the product quality.

Liquid ring vacuum pump for vacuum technology in grain processing and storage.

Liquid ring vacuum pump for vacuum storage

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