Water circulating vacuum pump

Water circulating vacuum pump of overview:

water circulating vacuum pump high temperature ≤100℃, special configuration can reach 150℃, ambient temperature generally ≤40℃ maximum working pressure (inlet pressure + pumping pressure) : 1.0MPa(Hsp≤75m) or 1.6MPa (Hsp>75m) special configuration can reach 1.6MPa or 2.5 MPa allowed medium.

Water circulating vacuum pump

Water circulation vacuum pump principle:

Water circulating pump of high temperature of 100 ℃ or less, the special configuration of up to 150 ℃, environment temperature 40 ℃ or less general maximum working pressure (inlet pressure and pumping pressure) : 1.0 MPa (Hsp 75 m or less) or 1.6 MPa (Hsp > 75 m) special configuration can be respectively 1.6 MPa and 2.5 MPa allows medium: the chemical and physical properties water or other liquids similar to water sealing pipe parts: inlet pressure acuity when 0.03 MPa not to install the structure design. Single-stage double-suction axial open vortex shell centrifugal pump, horizontal installation, drive machine (motor or internal combustion engine) can be set on the left or right side of the pump as required (i.e. facing the exit, drive machine on the left side is counterclockwise rotating inlet water circulation vacuum pump features:
Water saving effect is obvious. Because of the water circulation operation, the water added into the tank can be recycled, which overcomes the phenomenon that a lot of water is wasted when vacuum is obtained by direct flushing tap water. According to the actual measurement, the product can save more than 10 tons of water in one working day under the condition of reaching the same vacuum degree. Moreover, the product can be used for a long time by adding water at one time, which is especially applicable in the laboratory where water source is lacking or water pressure is insufficient.

How to use water circulating vacuum pump

The steps are as follows:
1. Preparation. When the machine is installed on the working table, open the electric box and inject clean cool water (or add water through the water discharge hose) for the first time. When the water surface is about to rise to the height of the overflow nozzle behind the water tank, stop adding water, and restart the machine without adding water.
2. Vacuuming operation. Tightly cover the extraction sleeve of the equipment that needs to be vacuumed on the extraction nozzle of this machine. Check circulating water switch should be closed. Connect the power supply and turn on the power switch to start the vacuum pumping operation. Observe the vacuum degree through the vacuum meter corresponding to the suction nozzle.
3. When the machine needs to work continuously for a long time, the warm water in the water tank will rise, affecting the vacuum degree. At this time, the water discharge hose and water source (tap water) can be connected, the overflow nozzle as a drainage outlet, appropriate control of tap water flow, can keep the water temperature in the tank does not rise, so that the vacuum degree is stable.

4. When it is necessary to provide circulating cooling water for the reaction device, on the basis of the above operation of article 3, connect the inlet and outlet pipes of the device that needs cooling water to the outlet nozzle of the circulating water at the back of the machine, connect the circulating water switch to realize circulating cooling water supply.
5. After the whole experiment, in order to ensure no more errors in the experimental effect, the vacuum tube should be evacuated in advance and then shut down.

Compared with other types of mechanical vacuum pumps, water circulating vacuum pumps have the following advantages:

1, simple structure, manufacturing accuracy requirements are not high, easy to process.
2, compact structure, the pump revolution is high, generally can be directly connected with the motor, no need for deceleration device. Therefore, with a small structural size, you can obtain a large exhaust capacity, the floor area is also small.
3, compressed gas is basically isothermal, that is, the compressed gas process temperature change is very small.
4, because there is no metal friction surface in the pump chamber, no need to lubricate the pump, and wear is small. The sealing between rotating parts and fixed parts can be completed directly by water seal.
5, inhalation evenly, stable and reliable work, simple operation, convenient maintenance.

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