Axial split pump for irrigation

Axial Separate Pump Application

Single-stage, double-suction, horizontal centrifugal pump is a kind of liquid with clear water and similar physical and chemical properties to water. The maximum temperature of liquid should not exceed 100 C. It is widely used in urban water supply and drainage, urban water supply and drainage, water supply and drainage of iron and steel metallurgical enterprises, petrochemical refineries, paper mills, oil fields, thermal power plants, Airport construction, chemical fiber factories, textile factories, sugar factories, chemical factories and power stations.
Water supply for fire control system and air conditioning system in factories and mines; water supply for central heating system; irrigation and drainage of farmland and various water conservancy projects. It meets the ISO2548C GB3216C GB/T5657 standard.

Axial Separate Pump Application Range

Speed: 990, 1480 and 2960 r/min
Voltage: 380V, 6kV or 10kV
Import and export diameters: 150-600 mm
Flow range: 68-3975 m3/h
Head range: 6-200 M
Temperature range: maximum liquid temperature < 800 C, special configuration up to 1150 C, ambient temperature generally < 400 C
Permissible inlet pressure: generally not more than 0.6 MPa, special configuration can reach 1.0-1.6 MPa
Permissible transport media: clear water or other liquids with physical and chemical properties similar to clear water
Sealed Water Pipe Components: No Return Pipe Components When Import Pressure (>0.03 MPa)
Structural design: single-stage double-suction horizontal open volute centrifugal pump, horizontally installed, the drive (motor or internal combustion engine) can be set on the left or right side of the pump as required (i.e. facing the exit, the drive rotates counterclockwise on the left side and clockwise on the right side).

Axial split pump structure

1. This series of pumps is horizontal structure. The pump housing opens horizontally and is divided into pump body and pump cover. The suction port and vomiting outlet of the pump are on the pump body below the axis of the pump. They are perpendicular to the axis in the horizontal direction. When repairing, it is not necessary to dismantle the intake water, discharge pipeline and motor (or other prime mover). It is convenient to repair and replace the parts only by uncovering the pump cover.
2. The pump shaft is supported by two single row centripetal ball bearings. The bearings are installed in the bearing bodies at both ends of the pump body and lubricated with grease. Compared with similar pumps in China, the diameter of the shaft and the bearing are increased, the shaft and the bearing are more reliable, the operation is more stable and the service life is longer. Because more than 50 bearings are equipped with bearing bushes at the end of the rotor, it is very convenient to disassemble and assemble the parts on the shaft. Pump shaft is completely encapsulated and sealed by bushing, bushing and other parts. The joint is embedded with O-ring. Pump shaft and liquid are completely separated, which avoids shaft corrosion and corrosion. At the same time, it is easy to assemble and disassemble shaft parts.
3. Seen from the direction of the coupling to the pump, the pump rotates clockwise. Counterclockwise rotating pumps can also be provided as required, but they should be specified when ordering. Because the end bearing of the rotor is fixed with stop washer and round nut, it avoids loosening of the axle nut caused by reverse stop. When changing the direction of rotation on site, no parts need to be changed, and only the impeller is removed, it can be reassembled as needed.
4. The pump body and the pump cover constitute the workroom of the impeller. The pressure chamber of the middle and high lift pump is a double volute chamber. The radial force of the pump is basically balanced. The double suction sealing ring is used to reduce the leakage of water from the impeller to the suction chamber. The pipe threaded holes for installing vacuum meters and pressure gauges are made on the inlet and outlet flanges, and the pipe threads for releasing water are made on the lower part of the inlet and outlet flanges.
5. The impeller is checked by static balance, and the axial force of the double suction impeller is balanced by the symmetrical arrangement of its blades.
6. Pumps are driven directly by motors through elastic pin couplings and, if necessary, by internal combustion engines.
7. Shaft seals generally use packing seals. Mechanical seals and injected soft packing seals can also be used according to user’s needs. When the inlet pressure is less than 0.03MPa, in order to cool and lubricate the sealing chamber and prevent air from leaking into the pump, the pump is equipped with water return pipe components, and when the pump works, a small amount of high-pressure water is introduced into the shaft sealing chamber to act as a water seal. In principle, the injected soft packing is not fitted with the return pipe components.
The main parts of the pump are: pump body, pump cover, impeller, shaft, double suction sealing ring, sleeve, bearing, etc. Except the material of the shaft is high quality carbon steel, the other parts are mostly made of cast iron. The material of the parts can also be changed according to the needs of users.


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Axial split pump for irrigation

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