Roots blowers for industrial

Roots Blower in Industry of Application

Roots blower manufacturer tells us that in modern society, Roots blower is widely used. In addition to water treatment and aquaculture, Roots blower plays an indispensable role in other fields. Next, follow EVP Co., Ltd.  Roots blower manufacturer to see what uses Roots blower has in industry.
Roots blower manufacturer knows that roots blower is mainly used for pressure and vacuum in industry. This time we mainly know about the pressure function of roots blower.
1. Powder conveying: compress the air by Roots blower, and then convey the powder particles to the place of use. The conveying media include plastic particles, PU particles, flour, sand filter materials, shells and so on.
2. Air agitation in electroplating bath: If the liquid medicine in electroplating bath wants to be uniformly plated, it must be agitated by Roots blower in order to achieve uniform agitation and full mixing of air. Applicable industries: electroplating industry, electroplating machinery and equipment industry, printed circuit board industry.
3. Wastewater treatment: secondary purification of industrial wastewater, domestic wastewater and other environmental protection projects by aeration and oxygen supply. Applicable industry: environmental engineering equipment industry.
4. Oxygen replenishment in aquaculture ponds: If oxygen is insufficient, aquaculture ponds will directly lead to the death of aquatic products and cause serious losses. In addition, some transport vehicles carrying fish products also need to install Roots blowers to transmit oxygen by blowers, so as to avoid the suffocation of aquatic products due to the long distance of transportation. Applicable industries: aquaculture, fishing and shrimp farms.
5. Paper conveying: Using the power of air, press paper to the place where it is needed, reduce manpower, and provide convenience for pipeline operation.
6. Air supply of tunnel engineering: In tunnel excavation engineering, air supply is needed because of the scarcity of internal air. Roots blower is used to transport air to the tunnel interior, sometimes with air cooler.
7. Conveyor track drying: with the installation of air knife, use Roots blower to compress air and air temperature, dry the moisture of the track, or dry the moisture of the circuit board, etc.

How to Switch the Industrial Roots Blower

Nowadays, roots blower and roots blower produced by factories are widely used in industrial production. In practice, in order to ensure the use effect of Roots blower and Roots blower and the continuity of plant operation, manufacturers often configure two or more Roots blower systems to switch flexibly to ensure the service life of Roots blower and Roots blower. So how to realize switching operation during the operation of Roots blower and Roots blower in order to reduce the impact of switching on various aspects?
1. Check the spare machine of Roots blower system and make preparations before opening. For example, check whether the valves of Roots blower and standby Roots blower are in place, ensure that the outlet valves of Roots blower are fully closed and the inlet valves are fully opened. After normal check, open the spare machine of Roots blower according to the operating rules.
2. At the same time, the standby fan of Roots blower is opened and the fan in use is stopped. When the standby fan is running normally, the outlet of the standby fan is slowly closed and the circuit of the standby fan is opened. At the same time, the auxiliary valve of standby fan is gradually closed, so that the outlet pressure of standby fan is slightly higher than that of standby fan. During the above operation, the auxiliary valve of the fan in use is gradually opened, and the outlet valve of the fan in use is gradually closed, so that the outlet pressure is slightly higher than the original outlet pressure. During the whole process, the pressure balance at the outlet of the fan pressure should be maintained, and the pressure stability of the system should be ensured as far as possible.
3. Close the auxiliary and outlet valves of the Roots blower gradually until they are completely closed, and open the auxiliary and outlet valves of the standby Roots blower until they are fully opened. At this point, stop the operation of the Roots blower and complete the switching operation of the Roots blower.

Roots blower performance characteristics:

1. Stable performance. The key parts of Roots blower, such as rotor, casing, wallboard, shaft and so on, are all equipped with advanced control processing equipment, which improves the interchangeability of the parts.
2. The use of synchronous gears with high precision and hardness not only prolongs the life of Roots blower, but also reduces the noise.
3. The series of Roots blower bearings produced by our company are all imported bearings from Japan, Germany and France. There are two kinds of lubrication modes. Ricky grease lubrication is used below 0.6kgf/cm2 and splash oil lubrication is used between 0.7 and 0.9kgf/cm2, which makes the product quality more reliable.
4. Output air is clean and does not contain any oil and dust. The sealing structure of the fan is reasonable, so that the oil can not enter the casing, so the air is clean.

Roots blower of photo details :

roots blowers for industrial

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