Rotary vane vacuum pump vacuum packaging process industry

In general, vacuum plays a key role in packaging technology and packaging production. With vacuum technology, packaging molding, thermoforming and coating can be achieved efficiently and accurately. In addition, vacuum technology can be used for mobile, transportation, sealing and sealing. In the packaging process, we can also use vacuum to send and pack the items to be packed.

The use of vacuum technology in food packaging helps to keep food fresh for a long time – without compromising the quality of the food. Fresh food uses modified atmosphere packaging technology to maintain the appearance, freshness and taste of food.

Which vacuum pumps of Shanghai EVP vacuum pump are suitable for packaging applications?

Rotary vane vacuum pump vacuum packaging process industry,rotary vane vacuum pump is the most ideal vacuum equipment for vacuum packaging. This series of vacuum pumps has been tested with the principle of the tested rotary vane, and is regarded as “the upstart of the vacuum pump”.

Oil-type rotary vane vacuum pump

Oil-type rotary vane vacuum pump

In addition, we also provide oil-free technologies for various packaging applications, such as high-energy-saving oil-free claw vacuum pumps and oil-free rotary vane vacuum pumps. For example, oil-free claw vacuum pumps can be used to transport foil into tubular bags during packaging, while oil-free rotary vane vacuum pumps are mainly used for handling or maintaining processes.

Application examples of Shanghai EVP vacuum technology in packaging process:

1. vacuum packaging fresh food packaging to keep food freshness.

2.MAP packaging — food modified atmosphere packaging.

3. molding – direct pallet forming in packaging machine.

4. blister packaging – blister thermoforming.

5. foil conveying — used for tubular bag packer.

6. labeling: fast and firm stickers for various packages.

7. carton assembly – carton folding and packaging forming.

8. stacking and pushing packaging — all external packaging.

9. central vacuum pump system – centralized supply of vacuum for the entire packaging department.

food processing

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