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EVP vacuum pump factory is a professional manufacturer of liquid ring vacuum pump and vacuum negative pressure station. Our factory has always adhered to the “high quality, low price” purpose, strive to achieve reassuring quality, so that you are satisfied with the service.

Our company in Syria vacuum pump manufacturer, supply liquid ring vacuum pump. For friends interested in the liquid ring vacuum pump, please continue to look down. Next, introduce the influence of the liquid ring vacuum pump and the high-efficiency area.

Syria vacuum pump manufacturer

The prospect of liquid ring vacuum pump affects market force

Due to the continuous development of various fields, the liquid ring vacuum pump produced by our company also has a very high application field, there are other products such as: liquid ring vacuum pump, Roots vacuum pump, vacuum pump unit. What about his market prospects for products with high applications?
liquid ring vacuum pumps have been widely used at present, such as in many processes of industrial production, such as vacuum filtration, vacuum water diversion, vacuum feeding, vacuum evaporation, vacuum concentration, vacuum moisture return and vacuum degassing, etc. water ring vacuum pumps are widely used. Our company makes a simple analysis of this application field:
1, The liquid ring vacuum pump has been paid attention to in the coarse vacuum, because of the wide range of applications.
2.The liquid-ring vacuum pump is a wide-ranging product with large output, suitable price and high output value.
3. There is a lot of demand.

Liquid ring vacuum pumps are required to be in high efficiency areas as far as possible.

According to the different types of liquid ring vacuum pump, liquid ring vacuum pump should pay attention to the following two aspects when working:
1. The liquid-ring vacuum pump is required to operate as far as possible in a high-efficiency zone, i.e. in an area of critical vacuum or critical exhaust pressure.
2. Avoid operating near maximum vacuum or maximum exhaust pressure. Running in this area is not only extremely inefficient, but also very unstable and prone to vibration and noise. For the vacuum pump with high vacuum degree, the cavitation phenomenon will occur in this area, and the obvious sign of this phenomenon is the noise and vibration in the pump. cavitation will cause damage to the pump body, impeller and other parts, so that the pump cannot work.

According to the above principles, when the vacuum degree or gas pressure required by the pump is not high, it can be selected preferentially in the single-stage pump. If the vacuum degree or exhaust pressure is high, the single-stage pump can not be satisfied, or the pump still has a large air volume under the condition of higher vacuum degree, that is, the performance curve is required to be relatively flat when the vacuum degree is higher, and the two-stage pump can be selected. If the vacuum degree is required to be more than-710mmHg, the water ring-large air pump or water ring-roots vacuum unit can be used as the vacuum pumping device.

If only for vacuum pumps, then the use of a single pump is better. Because of the simple construction of single-use pump, easy to manufacture and maintain, and in the case of high vacuum corrosion resistance.

If only for a larger volume of compressor use, the use of dual-action pump is more appropriate. Because the air volume of the double action pump is large, the volume is small, the weight is light, the radial force can get the automatic balance, the shaft is not easy to produce fatigue fracture, and the service life of the water ring pump is longer.

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