New Dry Compressing Screw Vacuum Pump

The new type of dry compression screw vacuum pump is a kind of pumping equipment that generates suction and exhaust effects by synchronously rotating a pair of screws in the pump housing with high speed. The two screws are finely balanced and the bearing is supported and installed in the pump housing. Because there is a certain gap between the screw and the screw, there will be no friction between them during operation. Screw vacuum pump is a green technology product with high technical content, high precision, high quality, stable operation performance and easy to fail. The dry screw vacuum pumps used by many enterprises in China are almost all imported products with high cost. The successful development and production of this product can completely replace imported products in a wide range of performance, and reduce the operating cost of the enterprise. It is also the first new dry screw vacuum pump with independent property rights.

New Dry Compressing Screw Vacuum Pump

The new type of dry compression screw vacuum pump is mainly used in the high purity vacuum process, the vacuum degree is very high, so it can adapt to the harsh working ore, can deal with the gas containing condensable steam, gas containing small particles. It has the characteristics of low energy consumption, high pumping speed, long service life, no maintenance, no lubrication and so on, so in petrochemical, metallurgy, medicine, biological engineering, papermaking, microelectronic engineering and other industries will replace the vacuum equipment with low technical content.

In order to break the monopoly of foreign technology and realize the nationalization of products, as early as a year ago, China has invested in the research and development of this new vacuum pump. Because of its high precision, the price is about two-thirds lower than similar imported products, so its market demand potential is huge. Several large electronics and pharmaceutical companies have shifted their procurement targets to China and will continue to achieve high sales in the future.

With the rapid development of technology, there will be more high-tech products in the future, and there is no need for enterprises to look abroad.

New dry compression screw vacuum pump shaft holding phenomenon

The phenomenon of the new dry compression screw vacuum pump holding the shaft has a serious impact on the use of equipment, so we need to understand the reason of holding the shaft, so as to find out a reasonable solution, in order to ensure the use efficiency of the new dry compression screw vacuum pump, and reduce the probability of damage.

New compressed dry screw vacuum pump problem mainly from the holding shaft bearing assembly, the reasons for specific analysis is as follows: bearing quality differences of itself, or in the long run due to wear and tear and aging, and in the process of assembling, bearing the positioning of the disparity with the design requirements, inaccurate positioning, selection of components is not reasonable, the quality of the lubricating oil is also related to the occurrence of this kind of situation, if the overall situation of excessive vibration on the pump, is also the reason.

All in all, we want to avoid the happening of this kind of phenomenon, we need to choose and buy high quality bearing, for its accurate, but also high quality lubricating oil of choose and buy, in order to assist the new compressed dry screw vacuum pump bearing, thus have very good operation effect, and to master some maintenance knowledge is necessary for us, it can not only help us to solve the problem as soon as possible, also can help us better understand our products.

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