Difference between single-stage and two-stage rotary vane vacuum pumps

For the rotary vane vacuum pump, it is certain that there are single-stage and two-stage, as for its single-stage and two-stage, it is also very different. In the oil seal vane vacuum pump, we are used to call the belt driven direct vane vacuum pump, and the pump is directly connected with the motor or connected with the coupling, which is called the direct vane vacuum pump.

Here, we should pay attention to that, for each pump, there are single-stage and two-stage. And in the single-stage pump, because the selected structure and its parameters are different, in terms of its ultimate pressure and its use, it is also different.


In terms of the single-stage and two-stage rotary vane vacuum pumps, their common characteristics, their structure, in fact, are relatively simple, and their use is relatively convenient, that is, they can be started under atmospheric pressure, that is, they can directly exhaust the atmosphere, their eccentric mass is relatively small, and their maintenance is also relatively small In terms of the structure of the pump itself, it is also improved. In this way, its reliability will be improved.

In terms of the structure of its vacuum pump, in order to prevent the return of oil when the pump is stopped, a check valve that can automatically cut off the oil circuit will be set. However, in terms of other aspects, it will also be equipped with a cut-off valve of the air inlet channel. Moreover, in order to be able to operate in the pump open gas town, and in case of sudden power failure, it will automatically cut off the gas circuit to our pump port When it is in the state of vacuum rotary vane vacuum pump, it is actually equipped with oil pump and control structure.

As for the two-stage rotary vane vacuum pump, it can also be widely used in refrigerators, air conditioners, light bulbs, fluorescent lamps, and also in the production of bottles and electronics. Moreover, it can be used in many industries such as metallurgy, medicine, etc. Moreover, because of the direct vacuum pump, it has no dust pollution caused by belt friction, its volume is relatively small, and its weight is also very light.

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