Function of various vacuum pumps in vacuum system

Due to the performance of various vacuum pumps, in addition to meeting the common point of vacuumizing the container, there are still differences. Therefore, it is very important to make clear the work tasks of the pump in the vacuum system. The functions of the pump in various work fields can be summarized as follows.

1. Be the main pump in the system

The so-called main pump is a vacuum pump which directly vacuumizes the vacuum system to obtain the vacuum degree required by the process requirements.

2. Crude pump

Crude pumping pump is a kind of vacuum pump which starts from atmospheric pressure and reduces the pressure of vacuum system to another pumping system.

3. Front stage pump

Front stage pump is a vacuum pump used to keep the pressure of another pump below its maximum allowable pressure.

4. Maintain pump

Maintenance pump refers to that when the vacuum system is very small, the main front stage pump can not be effectively used. In order to maintain the normal operation of the main pump or to maintain the low pressure vacuum pump required by the evacuated container, another auxiliary front stage pump with low pumping speed is equipped in the vacuum system.

5. Crude vacuum pump or low vacuum pump

Crude and low vacuum pump is a kind of vacuum pump which starts from the atmosphere and works in the range of low vacuum or rough vacuum pressure after reducing the pressure of the pumped vessel.

6. High vacuum pump

High vacuum pump is a kind of vacuum pump which works in high vacuum range.

7. Ultra high vacuum pump

Ultra high vacuum pump is a kind of vacuum pump which works in ultra-high vacuum range.

8. Booster pump

Booster pump usually refers to the vacuum pump which works between low vacuum pump and high vacuum pump to improve the air pumping volume of the pumping system in the middle pressure range or to reduce the requirement of the pumping rate of the previous stage pump.

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