vacuum pump failure to start causes

In the maintenance of vacuum pump, the following fault cases are generally received:

① The vacuum pump cannot be started;

② The vacuum pump can not reach the limit vacuum;

③ The pumping speed of vacuum pump is too slow;

④ The temperature of vacuum pump is too high;

⑤ The noise of vacuum pump is too high;

⑥ The vacuum pump leaks oil.

This paper mainly analyzes the problem that the vacuum pump cannot be started in detail. Users who have used the vacuum pump should know that in the process of using the vacuum pump, if it is not used for a long time or fails to work, the vacuum pump can not be started normally. For example, it will stop suddenly once it is started, or even can not be started. So when the vacuum pump starts abnormally, what is the opinion of vacuum pump maintenance experts?

When vacuum pump starts abnormally, what is the opinion of vacuum pump maintenance expert? This requires us to find the cause of its failure in time, so as to judge and analyze the corresponding solutions.

Generally, there are several reasons that cause the vacuum pump to fail to start normally. The EVP vacuum pump manufacturer has sorted out the causes and solutions:

1. The drive motor voltage is incorrect or overloaded.

Solution: provide the correct voltage of the motor.

2. The overload protection of motor starter is too small or the setting value is too low.

Solution: compare the setting data of overload protection of motor starter with that of motor nameplate, and correct it if necessary. If the ambient temperature is high: the setting value can be increased by 5% according to the normal motor current.

3. The fuse is blown.

Solution: check the fuse.

4. If the vacuum pump is equipped with AC motor: the capacitor of the motor is damaged.

Solution: repair or replace the motor. (need professional vacuum pump maintenance personnel to operate)

5. Check the use of vacuum pump oil. The vacuum pump oil has returned, the oil temperature is too low, and the oil has deteriorated. Fill the vacuum pump cavity with vacuum pump oil. Observe whether the oil quality has been emulsified (white foam) or carbonized (blackened). The deterioration of vacuum pump oil will affect the friction between the rotor and the rotor, resulting in the blade stuck in the pump cavity.

Solution: replace the vacuum pump oil, disassemble the vacuum pump to repair the cylinder block and other parts. If the blades are seriously damaged, the vacuum pump blades need to be replaced.

2BE3 liquid ring vacuum pump

6. The vacuum pump or motor is stuck.

Solution: confirm that the motor is powered off and disconnect the fan cover. Turn the motor and vacuum pump by hand. If the hand plate does not move, remove the motor from the pump and check the vacuum pump and motor respectively. If the vacuum pump is stuck, please repair the pump in time (professional vacuum pump maintenance personnel are required to repair and inspect).

7. The exhaust pipe is blocked.

Solution: remove the suction pipe, run the pump independently, and contact the air inlet and outlet by hand to see if the pump can work normally. If the pump can not pump air at this time, it is the problem of the pump itself.

8. There is a problem with the pump itself. The commonly used vacuum pump is sliding vane. The support spring between the sliding vane of the pump is easy to be staggered, so that the sliding vane can not be close to the wall surface. In this case, the pump generally has abnormal noise; the sliding vane is seriously worn and the seal is not enough.

Solution: remove the pump head and check whether the sliding vane can work normally. If it is a spring problem, replace the spring. If the sliding vane is seriously worn, replace the sliding vane.

9. The lubricating oil has not been replaced for a long time, and there are solid deposits inside, blocking the inlet and outlet channels.

Solution: open the pump head, replace the lubricating oil, and clean the pump head with gasoline or diesel oil.

10. Relay responder failure.

Solution: replace the relay.

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