Vacuum system in grain processing machinery

The application of vacuum system in grain processing machinery is mainly to use the basic principle of vacuum system vacuum packaging to carry out agricultural product processing according to the whole process of vacuum drying equipment, vacuum pump pre immersion, vacuum pump frying, vacuum packaging bag, etc., so as to improve the production rate, processing quality and storage time of agricultural products. Grain processing machinery refers to the industrial equipment that processes various agricultural products into finished products for immediate consumption, seeds for production and manufacturing, and chemical tableland materials. The theory of agricultural products processing machinery and equipment also includes the production and processing of a variety of livestock and poultry, forest products and seafood machinery and equipment.

What is the function of vacuum system in grain processing machinery?

1. Improve productivity

According to the vacuum system, the productivity of grain production and processing can be improved reasonably. In the vacuum drying equipment, when the grain is placed in the vacuum pump, the characteristics of low moisture content and melting point are used to carry out drying, which accelerates the speed of drying.

2. Improve production and processing quality

According to the vacuum system, the quality of grain production and processing can be further improved. For example, in the case of vacuum pump, drying agricultural products is equal to freeze-drying, which can prevent the destruction of nutrients under high temperature, prevent the opportunity of air oxidation of human fat in grain, melanin browning or other air oxidation and mildew, etc. When frying with vacuum pump, it has the advantages of low frying temperature, less damage of nutrient elements, significant effect of grain Penghua, prevention of chemical action of vegetable oil, etc.


3. Increase grain storage time

According to the vacuum system, the storage time of agricultural products can be increased moderately. If vacuum packing bag is selected, the whole process of packaging agricultural products is carried out under the condition of vacuum pump. The whole process of packaging is to put grains into sealed vessels first, and then vacuum packaging before sealing vessels, so that there is no gas in the sealed vessels. After packaging, agricultural products can avoid air oxidation, mildew, moisture, corruption, mildew, chemical substance exchange and secondary pollution, and can guarantee quality, refrigerate and increase the storage period of grains.

According to the production process, it can be divided into two categories: one is used to peel and grind rice, sorghum, millet and millet into finished rice. For example, the rice tableland grain goes through all kinds of impurity removal machines and equipment to eliminate all kinds of residues before entering the huller and separating out the husk. The discharged coarse compound is put into the coarse grain and separated out for screening. Using the differences of grain size distribution, relative density and surface characteristics between rice and black rice, the rice without molting was extracted and sent to huller. The black rice is milled into high beam rice by the rice mill, and then the bran and broken rice are screened out by the finished product grade classification to obtain the finished high beam rice. The other is used to remove the skin layer and embryo bud of wheat, corn, wheat seed, rye and naked oats, and grind them into finished product powder. For example, after all kinds of cleaning machines and equipment remove all kinds of residues and soil and dust on the surface of wheat grain, the wheat grain is ground into flour by the milling equipment, and the finished wheat flour is obtained by a group of flat sieving. In the middle of the tableland, the materials are put into another milling equipment for grinding, so that the wheat flour is continuously obtained, and finally the wheat bran is discharged by the bran brushing machine.

The application of vacuum system in grain processing machinery is a good assistant for agriculture and making money. It is very important not only to be able to purchase and maintain, but also to operate, maintain and maintain machinery and equipment properly.

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