Industrial side channel blower

Industrial side channel blower application
Side channel blower and radial blower are mainly used in food, chemical, plastic, textile, glass, pharmaceutical, ceramic tiles and other industries.

Industrial side channel blower

Deodorization and refining application in edible oil production
Production of yoghurt, milk and juice
Making jam and candy
Steam removal at macaroni, ketchup and preservation plants
Sugar refinery
Produce agricultural products, tobacco and wine
Eviscerated poultry

Manufacture of detergents and soups
Distillation and evaporation

Vacuum forming
Plastic pipe and profile manufacturing
Cable wrapped in plastic

Yarn conditions
Dry textiles
Glass cream
Vacuum degassing and vacuum forming

Medical care:
Hospital vacuum system, disinfection
Central vacuum unit.

Remove the moisture from the machine and dry the paper
Making egg trays

Impregnation technology in wood industry
Delivery of groundwater to centrifugal pump
Vacuum lifting and conveying technology
Vacuum of Turbo condenser in energy exchange
Vacuum filter for mining industry

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