Vacuum pump in edible fungus industry

Vacuum pump in edible fungus industry of application

Vacuum technology can be used in many aspects in edible fungi industry. Today, screw vacuum pump manufacturers will join you to see what they can have.

Vacuum pump in edible fungus industry

If vacuum technology is applied to edible fungi industry, it may involve cultivation and post-processing of edible fungi:

The vacuum applications that may be involved in the culture process include vacuum impregnation, vacuum suction, vacuum fermentation, vacuum cooling, etc. Firstly, the culture materials were soaked in water and pre wetted quickly and evenly by vacuum impregnation to create conditions for subsequent sterilization treatment. Secondly, in the process of transportation and feeding, the culture material can be transported at multiple points by vacuum suction to avoid material leakage and pollution. Then, in the fermentation process of the culture material, the uniform fermentation process can be realized by adding oxygen after vacuumizing, and the fermentation cycle can be shortened, and the waste gas can be treated more easily; Finally, vacuum sterilization and cooling treatment were carried out on the mixed bacteria in the bag, which made the sterilization process more thorough, shortened the processing time, reduced the space occupation, avoided pollution, and increased the output of edible fungi.

In addition to the cultivation process, storage and processing after harvest of edible fungi may involve vacuum preservation, vacuum drying and other operations. In order to inhibit the respiration of edible fungi after harvest, vacuum preservation can be used to prolong the storage time.

Vacuum pump

The need for reprocessing such as Auricularia auricula and Tremella fuciformis will involve vacuum drying and other applications. In addition, vacuum precooling, vacuum cooling and vacuum impregnation may also be involved.

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