SSR air blowers is core equipment in sewage treatment system

SSR air blowers is the core equipment in sewage treatment process, which directly determines its effect and energy consumption. In the biological wastewater treatment process,ssr air blowers is mainly used to increase oxygen in the aeration tank to promote the growth of aerobic microorganisms. Through their metabolism, the suspended solids, dissolved organic matter and nutrients such as nitrogen and phosphorus are decomposed to achieve the purpose of sewage treatment. It is the core equipment of sewage treatment plant. ssr air blowers is the best choice in sewage treatment.

In the current sewage treatment industry, aeration is also the most environmentally friendly and economical way. Its principle and the composition of the equipment are briefly described. The working principle of sewage treatment ssr air blowers as follows:

1. In the process of treatment, in order to maintain the life activities of microorganisms, a certain amount of dissolved oxygen must be ensured in the water, that is, aeration is to continuously inject air into the water, or use mechanical stirring to dissolve oxygen in the air into the water.

2. The function of its blower in water treatment aeration is to provide a good ecological environment for the main structures of sewage biological treatment.

Before the ventilation operation of the sewage treatment blower, the ventilation test should be carried out first. Before ventilation, the high-pressure fan should be started first, and 50% of the fan’s air volume should be turned on to send it to the aeration pipe of the biochemical tank for detection. The welding installation quality of all joints of the pipeline should be checked. If it is not easy to detect, soap water should be used for detection. At this time, special attention should be paid to fan operation, such as return The rotary fan can not operate without load. When there is no pressure on the lubricating oil of the fan, the lubricating oil can not be recycled automatically, and the fan has the risk of running without oil. Therefore, during the leakage test, the proper amount of lubricating oil should be added continuously from the air inlet to make the blower run normally.

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