water ring vacuum pump shaft seal leakage detection method

Water ring vacuum pump is suitable for many industries in high negative pressure mine. The water ring vacuum pump shaft seal is very important in the use process, we often say that the leakage is from here. The following is how to detect the leakage of shaft seal equipment.

Leakage refers to the occurrence of unexpected cracks, holes or pores in the surrounding walls or joints, which must contain or exclude different fluids and gases to allow the enclosed medium to escape. The basic function of leakage detection is to locate and measure the leakage in sealing products and systems. For most examples, the leak test procedure is a quality control step to ensure the integrity of the equipment and is a one-off non-destructive test.

What is vacuum leakage of water ring vacuum pump?

A normal leak can be identified as a type of opening, hole, or crack that allows air to enter or escape from a closed container. Air must be prevented from entering the water ring vacuum pump. Since many parts of the vacuum pump need to be sealed, there is a risk of leakage, such as threaded and brazed joints, improperly installed fittings or O-rings. In particular, O-rings should be inspected regularly as they can be cut or worn, flattened or dirty or lose elasticity, especially around doors and rotating or reciprocating components.


Leakage detection method of water ring vacuum pump shaft seal

1. The vacuum damage door is closed without leakage.

2. The water valve at steam side of condenser is closed without leakage.

3. Check whether the water level gauge of vacuum system is broken or leaking.

4. Check whether the exhaust outlet of low pressure cylinder is complete and whether there is suction.

5. Check whether the water level of low-pressure heater is normal and whether the drain valve is closed when the negative pressure of water ring vacuum pump is at and.

6. Whether the water seal, pipeline, flange or welding joint of vacuum system valve is not tight, especially the pipeline and valve port from expansion tank or boiler startup separator to condenser.

7. Check for air leaks (suction line in vacuum connected to cylinder). When the load decreases, the vacuum decreases, and when the load increases, the vacuum rises slightly.

8. Check whether the gravity return water of the speed regulating feed pump is the guide condenser. If the volume of return water is small, the water seal bag cannot be sealed. The gravity return of the vacuum pump seal water shall be poured into the trench.

Using water ring vacuum pump requires a series of regular maintenance, especially shaft seal. It is also very important to check the shaft seal. Only if there is no leakage, the equipment can operate normally without delaying the work progress.

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