Double action compressor

What affects efficiency of the air compressor?

What affects the efficiency of the air compressor? This problem believes that many people are very confused! So now small make up to introduce you to the relevant knowledge!

The piston compressor produced by the compressor manufacturer is one of the older compressor designs, but it is still a very versatile compressor. The piston compressor moves the piston forward in the cylinder through the crankshaft and connecting rod. If only one side of the piston is compressed, it is called a single acting type. If both upper and lower sides of the piston are used, it is called a double-acting compressor.

Welding process between suction elbow and main housing of double rotor compressor

To make double rotor compressor, the cylinder can be inhaled refrigerant vapor at the same time, adopt the structure of the double suction pipe, if the assembly process by flame brazing is still the main shell connecting pipe mouth around it will produce deformation due to thermal stress effect, mitsubishi electric resistance welding capacitor energy storage type in a first connect the conical tube components become an organic whole repeatedly with the main shell, and then insert the suction pipe bending transition connecting pipe and the two brazing, to avoid the effect of thermal stress directly on the soldering.

Compared with single-rotor compressor, the two-rotor compressor can run smoothly, with low noise and high efficiency from low speed to high speed.
The minimum working speed of the double-rotor compressor has been reduced to 15Hz, its speed range can reach 15Hz ~ 150Hz, has been from the single-rotor frequency range (30 ~ 120Hz) 4 times expanded to 10 times.
The amplitude of its running vibration (at low speed) is reduced to 1/8 ~ 1/10 of the single-rotor compressor. The sound power level noise is reduced by 3 ~ 5 db.
The efficiency of the compressor has been improved obviously.

Air compressors are widely used

Air compressors are widely used. It can compress air as well as gas, requiring little modification. A piston compressor is a design that compresses air and gas to high pressure for applications such as breathing air compressors. Piston compressor configurations can range from single cylinder configurations for low pressure/small capacity applications to multi-stage configurations that can be compressed to very high pressures. In a multi-stage compressor, the air is compressed in stages, increasing the pressure step by step.

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Double action compressor

Double action compressor

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