Vacuum Blower Singapore

Singapore vacuum blower of principle

The vacuum roots blower is a positive displacement blower, and the air volume is proportional to the revolution. The roots blower is 2 impeller type, with the features of reasonable structure, strong universality, convenient maintenance, long service life and good energy saving effect. Roots blower is three-impeller type, three-blade impeller every rotation by two impeller for three times suction and exhaust, compared with two-blade type, gas pulsation is less, load change is small, high mechanical strength, low noise, small vibration. There are two three-bladed impeller on two parallel shafts, the wheel and the hole surface in the oval case and the three impeller always maintain appropriate small clearance, because the impeller is rotating in the opposite direction of each other at a constant speed, so that the box and the impeller surrounded by a certain amount of gas from the suction side to the side of the discharge. Each impeller always by synchronous gear to maintain the correct phase, there will be no mutual contact phenomenon, so it can be high-speed, do not need internal lubrication, and simple structure, smooth operation, stable performance.

Vacuum Blower Singapore

Vacuum blower in Singapore  for operating instructions

1. The admission temperature of the conveying medium shall not be greater than 40℃.
2. The content of particles in medium shall not exceed 100mg/m3, and the large size of particles zui shall not exceed half of the minimum working interval.
3. Bearing temperature should not be higher than 95℃ in operation, lubricating oil temperature should not be higher than 65℃.
4. The service pressure shall not be higher than the booster range specified on the nameplate.
⒌ roots blower impeller and casing, impeller and side panel, impeller and impeller clearance factory has been set, to assembly to ensure that the clearance.
6. When roots blower is in operation, the oil level of the main oil tank and the auxiliary oil tank must be between the two red lines of the oil level meter.

During normal operation, check the temperature of bearing, lubricating oil in oil tank, motor, etc. every 1 to 2 hours. The temperature shall not be higher than the specified value. Roots blower in the process of running a lot of noise, in order to reduce the noise, in addition to the installation of muffler sometimes can also use some simple methods to reduce the noise, such as the use of burrows method. Dig a hole of 4 ~ 5m underground, cover the hole, use a tube to introduce the air inlet into the hole, use another tube to introduce the outside air into the hole. The two tubes try to step into the floor of the burrow, which can reduce a lot of noise.

Use of Singapore vacuum blower: pressure feed and low noise: pressure pulse is the main noise source, the blower can effectively reduce noise up to 5 dB. Low energy consumption: the design of vacuum roots blower can reduce the counterflow pressure on the rotor, and correspondingly reduce energy consumption. Bearing life extension: because the impeller transmission vibration reduction, can extend the bearing life up to 20%

My company production of roots blower equipment, product quality guarantee period is one year, such as product quality problems, the factory is responsible for the warranty for a year, a year after the warranty expires, the factory of damageable parts priority, preferential, at cost, and provide life-long service, and strictly made according to standard production, when a user response after the letter or quality problem, arrived at the fastest speed, to solve the problem.

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