Vacuum unit for polyol process

Polyether polyols are important chemical raw materials, widely used in polyurethane foam plastics, adhesives and elastomers and other fields.

The following is to introduce roots water ring vacuum unit for polyols. If you want to know more about vacuum pump or unit model, please click to contact us.

Vacuum unit for polyol process

What problems should be avoided in roots water ring vacuum unit?

Recently, many customers have contacted us and asked us about the problems they encountered in the use of roots water ring vacuum unit. I hope we can help. Today, I will discuss with you about the knowledge of roots water ring vacuum unit in these problems, hoping to bring inspiration and help to our customers and friends, and let you have a good understanding of roots water ring vacuum unit The group has a deep understanding. In this way, we can also know it well in the future use process, and take it easy to play the largest role of roots water ring vacuum unit. Although it is roots water ring vacuum unit, but pay attention to a few points, it will play a protective role, thus prolonging the use time.

1. Roots water ring vacuum unit is required to operate in high efficiency area as far as possible, that is to say, in the area of critical vacuum degree or critical exhaust pressure.
2. Avoid operating near maximum vacuum or maximum exhaust pressure. In this area, not only the efficiency is very low, but also the work is very unstable, easy to produce vibration and noise.
3. For roots water ring vacuum unit with high vacuum degree, although it is made of stainless steel, cavitation often occurs when operating in this area. The obvious sign of this phenomenon is the noise and vibration in the pump.
4. Cavitation will lead to the damage of pump body, impeller and other parts, so that the pump can not work.

So roots water ring vacuum unit is certainly good, but must avoid these, can be better used, I hope the brief introduction can bring you benefits.

roots water ring vacuum unit for polyol process

What main parts should be paid attention to in the maintenance of roots water ring vacuum unit?

Under normal conditions, roots water ring vacuum unit generally does not need to be disassembled for maintenance. Because its main characteristic is the structure is simple and reliable, durable. Therefore, when the fault is found, it can be eliminated at any time. In order to ensure the smooth progress of the work, it is necessary to carry out regular maintenance. Xiaobian told us that several main parts should be paid attention to during the maintenance of roots water ring vacuum unit.

1. Rolling bearing
When the bearing is worn to a certain extent after long-term operation, it must be replaced.
2. Front sealing ring and rear sealing ring
When the seal ring is worn to a certain extent, it must be replaced.
3. Mechanical seal
Xiaobian mentioned that the seal of roots water ring vacuum unit should not be disassembled for inspection under the condition of no liquid leakage. If there is serious leakage at the lower end of the bearing body, the mechanical seal should be disassembled and inspected. When assembling and disassembling the mechanical seal, it is necessary to take it with care, pay attention to the cleanness of the mating surface, protect the mirror surface of the static ring and the moving ring, and do not knock and collide. The main reason of leakage caused by mechanical seal is the surface roughening of friction pair. The repair method: the end face of the friction pair can be ground to restore the mirror surface. Another reason for the leakage of mechanical seal products is improper installation of O-ring, or aging. In this case, replace the O-ring for re assembly.

roots water ring vacuum unit

Xiaobian told us that because roots water ring vacuum unit has large air pumping capacity and high vacuum degree, it is used in food, chemical and other industries. However, due to the limited material, reciprocating pump can not pump corrosive gas. So, it’s very popular. When doing the above maintenance work, it is best to have professional personnel to assist.

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