Pharmaceutical Industry

EVP Liquid Ring Pumps provides stainless steel and cast iron single stage pumps ideally suited for evaporation, drying, and distillation in the pharmaceutical processing industry. Liquid ring pumps are often used for bottling and carbonation processing for the beverage industry.


  • Vacuum drying

Thermal processes in the pharmaceutical industry are often operating under vacuum in order to prevent the heat sensitive media from being thermally degraded. As a general rule, pressures are normally in the range of 10 mbara to 1 mbara for the most common media.
Crystallisation / Evaporation
Crystallization is accomplished by evaporation and cooling of a supersaturated liquid to form crystals. These crystals are easy to handle, store, and are sold in this finished form. EVP vacuum pumps are ideal for controlling the evaporation/cooling rates across all pressure ranges to reduce production cost by lowering the boiling point of the liquid.

  • Distillation

Distillation is a thermal cutting-off process with the benefit that normally no additional substances such as solvents need to be added.The distillation heating up process separates the fractions out of the liquid. The fraction with the lowest boiling point will be evaporated first and the evaporated gas can be condensated through a cooling system. At the boiling point the liquid changes from the liquid phase into the gaseous phase and the liquid and gaseous phase are in a thermo-dynamic condition of balance.

At the start of the process, heat is used to increase the temperature of the liquid.More and more energy is needed as the temperature of the liquid comes closer to its boiling point. If the boiling point temperature is reached the liquid temperature will not increase for a considerable time as this heat is only used to evaporate the liquid. This constant temperature is an indicator that the boiling point has been reached. Due to the fact that the boiling point decreases with pressure mostly all distillation processes operate under vacuum. The reduced pressure lowers the boiling temperature and the energy required to heat this process is thereby reduced.

At a fractional distillation process multiple fractions of a liquid mixture can be separated if the boiling temperature of the fractions differ.

  • Degassing

Degassing is the removal of dissolved/trapped gases from a liquid or product. Vacuum created by the EVP water ring vacuum pumps allows the vapor to be removed from the liquid. This improves the product’s physical characteristics to allow further processing, and thus avoiding cross contamination and corrosion
The following is a brief list of applications:
Degassing oils to improve purity (hydrocarbon oil, transformer oil, turbine oil, brake fluid, hydraulic brake oil, etc.
Degassing glues, pastes, paints to remove unwanted gases that would harden or degrade the products
Degassing polymers in an extruder to obtain a higher quality product or bubble free sheet
Degassing water for medical, food and boilers.

  • Conveying material

In terms of waste management, EVP 2BE series liquid ring vacuum pumps has developed a unique and energy-efficient vacuum system, which transports factory waste, drilling platform waste and a range of other products over longer distances.
Each individual application is evaluated, from product, consistency, transport distance, pipe dimension to vacuum speed, energy requirement and consumption.

Vacuum is the best solution
Using vacuum for this type of application ensures maximum control of a product, which in turn reduces system load to the absolute minimum.
A vacuum solution featuring a liquid ring pump also ensures the most energy-friendly solution for this type of application.

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