Equal Pitch Dry Screw Vacuum Pump

Dry screw vacuum pump operation within the pump chamber completely has no oil or water, because it is direct gas circuit design, can dry screw vacuum pump out the processing of condensable vapor and gas containing small particles without residual gas in the pump. Because the pump cavity there is no contact between metal and metal, the wear is greatly reduced. Dry screw pump is water cooling system, air system to provide choice.

Is equal pitch design, such as dry screw vacuum pump can began under atmospheric pressure suction to pressure at full speed to 1 Torr (1.3 mbara), limiting vacuum of 0.05 Torr (0.08 mbara) in the process of running without oil or water, the pump cavity without some contact, simple, strong design work can handle a by-product of the liquid, condensate, even small particles, dispirited channel can make the pump discharge rapidly, direct drive or V belt by long rotor, quiet operation, less than 85 decibels. Dry screw vacuum pump chamber completely oil-free water, straight air design, dry screw vacuum pump can handle the gas containing condensable vapor and containing small particles without remaining in the pump gas.

Dry screw vacuum pump five types of combination

I. combined type (logi + jaw)

Combined (luo times + claw) screw vacuum pump, with roots to develop the vacuum thermal efficiency under lower water pressure, with claws to develop the vacuum thermal efficiency under higher water pressure

The basic concept of it is the same as that of the circular lobe type. Some also change the final stage of the screw vacuum pump to a star stroke, so that the steam can be divided into five parts during the rotation of the entire circle, just as the three-lobe stroke can be divided into three parts

Two, internal tightening screw type

The continuous reduction of the capacity between the screw leads to the tightening of the screw vacuum pump. In many processes, this type of internal tightening, like a multistage centrifugal pump, simply causes the physical transformation of the vapor in the screw vacuum pump resulting in dry solids or vaporization

Three, double circular lobe type

The two-lobed multistage reclassification makes the steam loop equal to chaos, and each stage requires a large amount of hydrogen to have the effect of water mixing and isolation. In order to reach a good vacuum, there are very strict rules on the clearance. This classification increases the internal tightening ratio and makes the screw vacuum pump lower power consumption

Four or three circular lobes

The mechanism of three circular lobes classification is the same as that of the method described. The steam is divided into three parts only when rotating the whole circle, but not into two parts as in the double circular lobes classification. In order to further reduce the power consumption, some will use two dc motors in the gearbox, but this will also reduce the torque and potential for restart

Five, external tightening screw type

Two equal – distance screw rods are used in the drawing of external tension screw. This makes the screw vacuum pump internal tightening reduction, so that the steam loop is simple. In that way, the vapor body in the screw vacuum pump body retention time is short. This classification is very reliable in the chaotic process of photoelectric devices

Equal Pitch Dry Screw Vacuum Pump

Equal Pitch Dry Screw Vacuum Pump

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