API 681 liquid ring compressor

API 681 liquid ring compressor system is fully assembled with all interconnecting wires and piping. The system is mounted on a common steel base and fully tested and painted before shipment. They include oil seals to provide a deeper vacuum than water or glycol sealing systems. The system consists of a single compound liquid ring compressor with mechanical seal and the following system components:

1. Pipette flexible connector

2. Suction isolation valve

3. Check valve of suction line

4. Adjustable vacuum control switch

5. Oil / water heat exchanger

6. Oil thermometer, valve and composite pressure gauge

7. Cooling water solenoid valve, filter and flow control valve can sense oil temperature and thermometer

8. Steel exhaust separator

9. Discharge oil mist eliminator through overflow valve and oil return pipeline

10. Drive motor tefc

11. Motor control center with electromagnetic motor starter, HOA switch and fusible circuit switch

API 681 liquid ring compressor characteristics:

1. Completely self contained

2. Long design life

3. The vacuum degree is higher than that of the water seal system

4. Fully recirculated sealing fluid

5. Easy to install and maintain

6. Complete assembly and wiring

API 681 liquid ring compressor application range:

Chemical and pharmaceutical processing, degassing, extruder, filtration, solvent distillation / vapor recovery, degasser, dehydration evaporator, vacuum cooling

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