Vacuum system in oil industry

With the gradual improvement of national environmental protection requirements for various industries, the requirements for the mechanical equipment applicable to the oil industry are more and more strict. Steam consumption accounts for about 80% of the power cost in the process of oil refining production. With the increasingly fierce competition in the domestic oil market, the energy saving and consumption reduction of oil refining workshop, especially the reduction of steam consumption, has become the key technology to reduce the cost of oil enterprises. In this paper, we compare the traditional technology of oil industry with the vacuum system which is suitable for oil industry, and what is the difference between them, and which is better.

Comparison between the traditional process in the oil industry and the vacuum system applicable to the oil industry:

During the production and operation of oil refining and deodorization section, it is necessary to maintain a high vacuum and extract a large amount of condensable gas and a small amount of non condensable gas. The traditional process is mainly completed by a vacuum system consisting of a multistage steam jet pump and a condenser. The system is generally installed at a height of more than 10 m, occupying a large space, and consuming a large amount of steam and water.

The new vacuum system is composed of multi nozzle multi diffuser and jet hybrid condenser, which only accounts for 10% of the total construction area in installation; in terms of energy consumption, the consumption of steam and water is only about 25%, which greatly saves the construction investment of the plant and the production cost of oil refining. At present, the system has been successfully applied in the chemical and pharmaceutical industry. Next, let’s discuss the type and working principle of the vacuum system.


There are three types of vacuum pump systems:

1. Low vacuum system

2. Medium vacuum system

① The system is composed of Roots vacuum pump as main pump and mechanical pump in series;

② The system is composed of oil booster pump as main pump in series with mechanical pump;

③ The system is composed of a small roots vacuum pump in series and a mechanical pump in series.

3. High vacuum system

① The system is composed of diffusion pump, roots vacuum pump and mechanical pump in series;

② The vacuum system is composed of diffusion pump and mechanical pump in series;

③ The vacuum system is composed of diffusion pump in series with oil booster pump and mechanical pump.

vacuum pump system working principle:

Start the main vacuum pump group of the system and start to work until the vacuum degree in the vacuum tank reaches the set upper limit value, the vacuum pump will automatically stop running, and the vacuum in the central vacuum system will be maintained by the automatic stop of the vacuum check valve on the pipeline. If the vacuum degree in the vacuum tank drops and is lower than the set lower limit value due to work demand, the standby vacuum pump group will start automatically. Thus, the vacuum degree of the vacuum system can maintain a stable vacuum source and meet the production requirements.

To sum up, compared with the traditional four or five stage steam jet pump, the new vacuum system has the following advantages in the oil industry: stable performance, strong reliability; high efficiency and energy saving, obvious reduction of steam and water consumption; low noise, less waste water production, more friendly environment; by introducing the vacuum technology and products, greatly reducing the production cost and operation cost of the oil industry To promote the technological progress of China’s oil processing industry.

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