water ring vacuum pump heat dissipation scheme

There are many kinds of heat dissipation schemes for water ring vacuum pump, which need to be determined according to the heat quantity of different parts of the body. When the working pressure of water ring vacuum pump is high, the temperature rises rapidly and the temperature is high. The common water ring vacuum pump needs circulating water to cool down, so as to protect the fan from damage.

When the water ring vacuum pump works, it will produce a certain amount of heat. If the heat can not be dissipated in time, the internal parts of Roots vacuum pump will be affected or even damaged for a long time. This will affect the normal operation of the fan, and even damage the fan.

Because the working vacuum of the water ring vacuum pump is not very high, the heat dissipation scheme of the water ring vacuum pump can usually use 46 mechanical oil instead of the vacuum pump oil. Generally, the oil level in the oil windows at both ends of the pump must not be lower than 2 / 3 of the height of the oil windows and 1 / 2 of the height during operation.

The selection of vacuum degree and air volume of the water ring vacuum pump unit is the key to the success of the model selection. In general, the highest vacuum degree in the production is about – 500mmhg. The pressure stabilizing tank of water ring vacuum pump unit is a sealed vessel. Its main function is to stabilize the pressure of vacuum system, to buffer the influence of system pressure on it, and to filter dust at the same time. The long-term use of sandbox and pouring hot metal are easy to damage the filter screen of sandbox, and the sand is sucked into the water ring vacuum pump unit to cause wear. It is better to add a dust remover before entering the vacuum pump, connect the dust remover and then enter the water ring vacuum pump unit to ensure the service life of the water ring vacuum pump unit.


The safe and stable performance of water ring vacuum pump is high, because the unit has the function of operation protection. There are many protection functions for its operation. Here is a brief introduction of EVP water ring vacuum pump manufacturer.

The water ring vacuum pump has more than 30 protection functions, including compressor overload, overheating, locked rotor protection; system high pressure, low pressure and differential pressure protection; evaporator outlet water temperature protection, evaporator antifreeze protection, condenser inlet water temperature protection, abnormal water flow protection, etc.

There are also over-voltage, under voltage, three-phase imbalance, under reverse phase protection for the power supply provided by the client to the unit; as well as password protection function to prevent the unit from failure due to the wrong operation of unauthorized person; there are also power on self-test function to avoid abnormal startup of the unit; in addition, there are condenser cleaning reminder function, etc.

These operation protection functions make the use of water ring vacuum pump more convenient and safe. If you want to use the water ring vacuum pump better, you must do a good job of regular inspection and maintenance to ensure the normal operation of the water ring vacuum pump.

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