Oxygen Compressor Air Compressor

Compressor is a kind of machine which converts the mechanical energy of various prime movers into gas energy. As the name implies, air separation. Air separation compressor is used for air separation compressor, it provides all kinds of large equipment with high pressure air source. Compressor is a kind of compressed gas to improve gas pressure or gas delivery machine, called compressor and compressor and pressure fan, all kinds of compressors belong to power machinery, can reduce the volume of gas, pressure increase, with a certain kinetic energy, two as mechanical power or other purposes. According to the compressed gas, called air compressor, oxygen compressor, ammonia compressor, gas compressor, and so on.

Oxygen Compressor Air Compressor

The following is a detailed introduction to the oxygen compressor and air compressor.

Oxygen compressor

Process compressors are made of hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen, methane, ethane, and natural gas, all of which may be used. Gas is compressible, that is to say as long as you need these gases, from the production to use are inseparable from the compressor and expander. All kinds of process compressors are produced by major compressor factories and air branch factories in China. According to the statistics, oxygen compressor accident rate is the highest, the main performance for the cylinder.

Air compressor

Air compressor work principle

An air compressor is a machine that compresses air, increases gas pressure, and delivers gas. It is also a conversion device that converts the mechanical energy supplied by a prime mover into gas pressure energy. Air compressors can be divided into piston type air compressors, screw type air compressors and centrifugal air compressors according to different styles.

Oxygen air compressor of notes on operation

1. In the oxygen compressor, parts in contact with the screw air compressor must be degreased and degreased strictly before loading. Clean with carbon tetrachloride to avoid ignition.
2. When replacing or repairing parts in contact with compressed oxygen, the repair personnel of the oxygen press must first wash the hands, and the work table and spare parts cabinet must be kept clean and oil-free.
3. The lubricating water quantity of oxygen compressor shall not be too small or cut off to avoid sharp rise of cylinder temperature; The amount of cooling water in the cylinder and cooler that causes the combustion and explosion must be sufficient at high pressure oxygen flow.
4. In case of abnormal pressure changes at all levels of the oxygen compressor, relevant valves should be replaced or repaired in time to avoid the continuous rise of cylinder temperature.
5. Pay attention to the working conditions of the upper and lower seals of the middle seat of the oxygen press. If the seal is not good, you can change the packing port in time, so as to avoid the oil from the piston rod up into the oxygen compressor cylinder.

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