Sugar plant pump

Sugar manufacturing

Sugar production method is not complicated, sugar cane or beet juice press out, filter impurities, then add an appropriate amount of lime water to the filtrate, neutralize the acid contained in it, then filter, remove precipitation, carbon dioxide through the filtrate, so that the lime water precipitation into calcium carbonate, and then repeated filtration, the filtrate is an aqueous solution of sucrose.

An aqueous solution of sucrose is vaporized, condensed, and cooled in a vacuum chamber under reduced pressure. To make white sugar, it is necessary to dissolve brown sugar in water, add an appropriate amount of bone carbon or activated carbon, the brown sugar water colored material adsorption, then filtration, heating, concentration, cooling filtrate, a white crystal – white sugar appeared.

White sugar is more pure than brown sugar, but still contains some water, and then the white sugar to the appropriate temperature to remove water, you get a colorless transparent block large crystal – rock sugar. Visible, the purity of rock sugar is the highest, but also the most sweet.

Suitable for sugar pump.

Sugar plant pump

Sugar plant pump product description

Pumps are widely used in sugar industry. Pumping sugar cane juice, slurry, hot water, syrups and handling magma/icing in sugar and viscous liquids are some of these USES. The pumps are also used to irrigate sugar cane farms.

Pumps in sugar manufacturing of characteristics and applications

• best for continuous operation and long life
• designed for liquids containing strict solid suspensions
• wear-resistant shaft sleeve
• meet international standards
• warranty coverage

Sugar plant pump for material composition type

• cast iron – these products are strong, durable and easy to process
•SS and spray gun metal – corrosion is prevented by the fact that the metal is in constant contact with the liquid
• bronze – these are tough and corrosion-resistant
• spare parts of pump, shaft, impeller, sleeve, etc.

Sugar factory pump co. Ltd. is the sugar industry pump pump and spare parts supplier. Our pumps are best suited for continuous operation and long life.

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