Rotary vacuum pump in white emulsion production

The application of rotary vane vacuum pump in white emulsion production can reduce the production cost. In decoration, white latex is one of the most commonly used rubber products. As a kind of water-soluble adhesive, regular white emulsion is a kind of emulsion liquid produced by a series of chemical processes with vinyl acetate as the main raw material.

White emulsion is one of the most widely used, most used and oldest water-soluble adhesives. It is a thermoplastic adhesive made by polymerization of vinyl acetate monomer under the action of initiator. It can cure at room temperature, fast curing and high bonding strength. The bonding layer has good toughness and durability and is not easy to aging. It is widely used in furniture manufacturing, wood processing, building decoration, leather, printing and binding, paper and plastic composite, fabric finishing, cigarette making, coating base emulsion, and cement mortar as external wall, surface repair, wall surface crevice, and used for jointing of blockboard, veneer repair, plywood repair and two processing of wood-based panels.

Application characteristics of rotary vane vacuum pump in white emulsion production

1. It has strong adhesion to porous materials such as wood, paper, cotton cloth, leather, ceramics and so on, and its initial viscosity is high.

2. It can cure at room temperature and fast.

3. The adhesive film is transparent, does not pollute the adherend, and is easy to process.

4. Take water as dispersing medium, do not burn, do not contain toxic gas, do not pollute the environment, safe and harmless.

5. It is a single component viscous liquid, which is convenient to use.

6. The cured film has certain toughness, resistance to dilute alkali, dilute acid and good oil resistance.

Rotary vacuum pump in white emulsion production

rotary vane vacuum pump characteristics:

1. It has the advantages of fast pumping speed, small volume, light weight, low noise, convenient maintenance and high vacuum limit.

2. There are reliable dustproof devices. Other rotary vane pumps can be connected to the pump cavity after the debris passes through the dustproof device. The vacuum pumps we produce can only flow around the outside of the dustproof device when the debris passes through the dustproof device. This ensures the normal operation of the vacuum pump and completely solves the phenomenon of debris getting caught in the pump cavity.

3. There is a composite screw with an air release valve and an oil inlet. The oil inlet of the two-stage rotary vane pump produced in China for many years is designed on the low-level exhaust valve seat inside the oil tank. When the oil hole is blocked, drain the oil and remove the oil tank to dredge the oil hole. As long as the composite screw is screwed out, the oil hole can be dredged, and sundries and water vapor can also be discharged. That is fast and labor-saving, greatly improving the efficiency of the pump.

Application performance of rotary vane vacuum pump in white emulsion production

1. White emulsion adhesive has a series of advantages, such as room temperature curing, fast curing, high bonding strength, good toughness and durability of the bonding layer, and not easy to aging. It can be widely used in adhesive paper products (Wallpapers), waterproof coatings and wood adhesives.

2. It uses water as dispersant, safe, non-toxic, non combustible, easy to clean, solidified at room temperature, with good adhesion to wood, paper and fabric, high bonding strength, colorless and transparent cured adhesive layer, good toughness, and no pollution to the bonded fabric.

3. It can also be used as a modifier of phenolic resin, urea formaldehyde resin and other adhesives, and used in the manufacture of polyvinyl acetate emulsion paint.

4. emulsion stability is good, storage period can reach more than half a year. Therefore, it can be widely used in printing, binding and furniture manufacturing, as the adhesion of paper, wood, cloth, leather, ceramics, etc.

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