What is a sugar mill pump?

Sugar pump

As a supplier of customized pumping solutions for the sugar industry, international technology EVP has extensive and professional process technology, which lays a foundation for the development and production of reliable sugar equipment. Sugar pump can be used in the whole production chain, high efficiency, easy maintenance. Through the combination of various materials, the sugar pump is firm and wearier, so that it can meet the high requirements of customers in efficiency, service life, maintenance and cost-effectiveness, sugar suppliers all over the world rely on the andritz centrifugal pump. Sugar consumption is almost as old as human history. The first example of growing sugar cane for food was found in Melanesia, Polynesia, dating back to around 8000 BC. However, the first extraction and processing of sugar cane took place around AD 600 in Persia. Hot cane juice and clarifier (a mixture of protein and lime) are poured into a wooden or clay cone, from which the sugar crystallizes into a sugar tower. Sugar has been a drug or luxury for centuries, as ordinary people flavoured food and drinks with more affordable honey. Although modern sugar production began in the 16th century, it was not until the advent of industrial production in 1850 that the price of sugar fell. From then on, sugar began to be popular. In 2016-17 alone, the world consumed 181 million tonnes of sugar annually, with Brazil (24.8 million tonnes), India (22.1 million tonnes) and China (11.1 million tonnes) the world’s largest producers.

What is a sugar mill pump
Customized sugar factory pumping program

From beet cleaning to juice purification to carbonic acid treatment, ACP, ISO and S series centrifugal pumps with closed or open impeller can be used according to the flow requirements. As the juice thickens to increase the sugar content, centrifugal separation to increase the gas content, sugar factory pump (with qigong energy) can be easily used for the pumping of such syrup. The combination of single-stage centrifugal pump and built-in vacuum pump can prevent gas accumulation at the inlet of impeller and ensure good suction performance even when the inlet pipe configuration is not ideal. Vacuum pump can remove the air in the medium, ensuring that the thickened juice can be smoothly transported. Semi-open impeller pump is more suitable for pumping high concentration medium (sugar content can reach 70%), compared with closed impeller, conveyor belt viscosity medium efficiency is higher. Due to the above design features, the AD series self-priming pump used in combination with vacuum pump is very suitable for conveying thick juice with high gas and sugar content, and the investment and maintenance cost is very low.

Advantages of quick reference
Efficiency up to 90%
Assembly system
High efficiency, long life and high cost efficiency
The sugar factory pump can reduce the cost by replacing the positive displacement pump
Decades of experience and comprehensive process knowledge ensure high standards

With the increasing demand of customers in the field of our products, the continuous development and optimization of products and services is becoming more and more important. Efficiency, flexibility, reliability, and longevity are major challenges in today’s market. We are committed to research and development, which has laid the foundation for us in the field of hydraulic machinery manufacturing. We currently develop and test our pumps and turbines in laboratories in Austria, Germany, Switzerland and China. Our test bed is the most accurate in the world, and through the networking of these r&d centers, we provide continuous know-how within the andritz group to provide maximum benefit to our customers. The main tools developed are numerical simulation methods and laboratory and field experimental measurements. Advanced equipment, high precision measuring instruments, the latest simulation technology and powerful software, andritz has laid a solid foundation for high-quality products.

EVP has had many successful results in the sugar industry. In addition to these achievements, the sugar pump department also received orders due to its excellent customer service, the highest cost performance, the shortest delivery time and good relationship with the local representative Mitr Phol Group, which is one of the newest projects in the industrial field.

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