vacuum system in juice infusion

The vacuum system used in the process of fruit juice infusion refers to the infusion of fruit juice through the force of vacuum. Vacuum and add juice. In order to achieve a complete vacuum, it needs to be classified according to different manufacturers and brand models. The production process of fruit juice beverage includes the following steps: raw material, water transportation, spiral lifting, fruit picking, cleaning, spiral lifting, drainage, crushing, pulp tank, pulp heating, pulp tank, juicing, balance tank, pre concentration (pasteurization), cooling, enzymolysis, ultrafiltration circulation tank, ultrafiltration, juice cleaning tank, resin adsorption, deacidification, juice cleaning tank, balance tank, concentration, cooling, finished product tank, none Bacteria filling, sealing and labeling, finished product warehouse. This paper mainly analyzes the application of vacuum system in fruit juice infusion.

Vacuum infusion is an improvement of the traditional vacuum bag process, which has the following main advantages:

1. Reduce labor force, can have higher production efficiency;

2. Reduce wasted drinks;

3. Keep the consistency of beverage dosage;

4. Reduce preparation time;

5. Cleanliness of beverages and environment.

In the connecting pipe, the user can install a valve and a vacuum gauge above the air inlet of the vacuum pump to check the limit pressure of the vacuum pump at any time. Connect the power supply according to the provisions of the motor sign, ground the wires, and install the fuse and thermal relay of appropriate specifications. When the vacuum pump is electrified for trial operation, the motor belt must be removed, and the vacuum pump can be put into use only when it rotates in the specified direction, so as to prevent reverse rotation and oil injection of the vacuum pump. (turn to the direction indicated by the protective cover) for the vacuum pump equipped with cooling water, turn on the cooling water as required. If the solenoid valve is installed at the vacuum pump port, the valve and the vacuum pump shall operate simultaneously. When the exhaust gas from the vacuum pump affects the working environment, the oil mist filter can be led out or installed in the connecting pipe of the exhaust port.

Two or more vacuum pumps and other accessories are combined into a system to achieve the required vacuum degree, which is the so-called vacuum pump system. Vacuum system is a complete vacuum system composed of vacuum pump, PLC program control system, air tank, vacuum pipeline, vacuum valve, foreign filter components, etc.

At present, the system is widely used in electronic semiconductor industry, photoelectric backlight module, machining and other industries. The vacuum system of vacuum system manufacturer has included pump speed control, air inlet filtration, main operation data display, operation protection and remote control interface, etc. A complete vacuum system can only be formed by simply connecting the power supply and pipes on site. The control system of vacuum system is composed of advanced programmable controller. As a human-machine interface, touch screen can realize the automatic control of vacuum system, workpiece moving, magnetic control target, process setting and execution, alarm protection system, etc.

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