Small roots blower for fish pond culture

Reduce pipe bending, etc., fish pond culture fans and minimize pipe pressure loss and other pressure losses. As long as the output power of the motor can reach the load. The substitutability is not strong. Few products can replace roots blower with low price in the market, or the price is very high, or the parameters do not meet the standards. Therefore, roots fans are still popular in the market. Air duct ventilation causes energy waste and low efficiency, which is very suitable for industrial sewage treatment plants. However, due to high noise and low efficiency, it has been widely eliminated in the international advanced sewage treatment process.

Sound power level or sound level of fan will increase with the increase of flow rate and pressure, and unnecessary resistance loss shall be minimized during installation of Roots blower. Shaft kiln calcined cement has the characteristics of low heat consumption, low investment and high efficiency, which is the main form of small cement industry in China. After the gas enters through the inlet of the steam compressor, whether it is roots steam compressor, centrifugal steam compressor or screw reciprocating steam compressor. Whether it is running inner ring or running outer ring, the temperature rise of bearing will rise sharply. As long as the bearing is intact, the outer ring phenomenon of intermittent operation is allowed.

The noise value is measured 1 meter from the fan. Check the tightening of each component and whether the locating pin is loose. Pay attention to the normal cooling of lubricating oil, pay attention to the quality of lubricating oil, and always listen to the operation of Roots blower, small roots blower and whether the unit works under the specified working conditions.


The overall noise and energy consumption of the two blade turbocharged Roots blower are higher than that of the three blade roots fan. Dislocation, unfixed, foreign matters and dust caused by impeller and impeller, collision between impeller and shell, collision between impeller due to overload and shaft deformation, friction between impeller and casing inlet due to overheating, imbalance caused by dirt or foreign matters, loosening of anchor bolts and other fasteners. The processing difficulty is relatively low. Ordinary machine tools can be used for finishing cast iron with better effect and low machining difficulty coefficient.

The pressure of the three blade roots fan is the pressure of the front pipe. The roots blower itself does not produce pressure. The pressure it overcomes is what we call fan pressure. In order to evaluate the correctness of the theoretical analysis, the factory of Roots blower adopts the counter current cooling technology and the non counter current cooling technology to carry on the contrast experiment. Roots blower can meet the parameter of 15kw. After selecting fans, we can directly determine several types of fans according to the air volume and pressure. Atmospheric pressure is usually centrifugal fan.

The impact of rain on circuit lines on circuits is well known, exposure to sunlight and rain can cause wire weathering, resulting in leakage. If the wires age, leakage or power failure may occur. Increase the oxygen content in the culture tank, make the organic matters, microorganisms and oxygen closely mix with each other, and provide oxygen for aerobic microorganisms. Misoperation with current overload may also cause problems during operation. During the use of Roots blower, the current is too high and the motor is overloaded. The lubricant of Roots blower shall be replaced every 3 to 6 months.

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