Vacuum pumps in energy storage industry

Vacuum pump in energy storage industry of market potential

What is energy storage? What is the relationship between vacuum pump and energy storage?

Energy storage is called electric energy storage system. Today we will introduce the technical characteristics and classification of energy storage. The technical characteristics of energy storage include mechanical energy storage system, electrochemical energy storage system, electromagnetic energy storage system and thermal energy storage system. Mechanical energy storage system is divided into pumped storage, compressed air storage, flywheel energy storage. Electrochemical energy storage system is divided into normal temperature secondary battery, high temperature battery, hydrogen fuel cell, Redox liquid battery. Electromagnetic energy storage system is divided into super capacitor, superconducting power magnetic. Thermal energy storage system is divided into molten salt heat storage technology energy storage system. In fact, vacuum pump can be used in these industries. Lithium battery, power transmission and transformation electrical components, solar energy, supercapacitor, wind power, lead-acid battery are all the management industries of vacuum pump.Vacuum pumps in energy storage industry

Why is the market of vacuum pump huge in energy storage industry

1. The white paper on energy storage industry in 2018 was released.

2. In 2019, State Grid Corporation of China and China Southern Power Grid Corporation successively issued guidance on promoting energy storage development.

3. Further recommendation of power system reform and promotion of energy storage policy with market mechanism and price mechanism will bring about a new round of development.

4. “Fengguang” is infinitely good, and the investment in wind power and photovoltaic industry is still hot.

5. The investment heat of energy storage is increasing day by day, and the investment of State Grid on the grid side is increasing.

6. Double power generation on the user side and the grid side.

7. The proportion of fossil energy is still too high, and the prospect of new energy including energy storage is very high.

8. In the early stage, the user side drive is stronger, and the demand for energy storage on the grid side has great potential for growth.

9. The decommissioning of power batteries and the storage capacity of power batteries are also a trend.

10. The unconventional lithium battery technology which can meet the power and hybrid applications is becoming more and more popular.

11. Offshore wind power technology is becoming more and more mature, and the cost is decreasing day by day.

12. High temperature battery, hydrogen energy battery and super capacitor technology are also gradually breaking through.

In the energy storage industry, the application prospect of vacuum pump is bright, and the market will be more and more broad.

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