Vacuum rotary vane pump blister packaging

Vacuum thermoforming blister vacuum pumping unit function

Bubble cap packaging is a method of packaging products between the bubble cap formed by transparent plastic sheets and the bottom plate (made of cardboard, plastic film or thin sheets, aluminum foil or their composite materials).

Blister packaging is mainly used for drug packaging at the beginning. Nowadays, besides the packaging of pharmaceutical products such as tablets, capsules and suppositories, blister packaging is also widely used in the sales and packaging of food, cosmetics, toys, gifts, tools and electrical parts.

Introduction of thermoforming blister vacuum pumping machine

1. plastic molding (negative pressure molding). The heating and softening film was sucked into the vesicle of the pancreas to form a certain geometric shape by vacuuming, thus completing the vesicle forming. The roll mould is usually used in the suction moulding. The size of the blister is small, the shape is simple, the tension of the blister is not uniform, and the top of the blister is thin.

2. blow molding (positive pressure molding). Compressed air is used to blow the heated and softened film into the bubbles of the forming die to form the required geometric shape of the bubbles. The molded blister has a uniform wall thickness, a wide shape and a large bubble cap. Blow molding is mostly used for plate moulds.

Thermoforming blister vacuum pump.

In general, vacuum plays a key role in packaging technology and packaging production. Using vacuum technology, packaging molding, thermoforming and coating can be efficiently realized. In addition, vacuum technology can be used for mobile, transportation, sealing and sealing. In the packaging process, we can also use vacuum to send and pack the items to be packed.

EVP vacuum pump new generation series, all parts from the traditional processing methods to modern processing technology, automatic numerical control processing, higher precision, better interchangeability, technology has also been optimized, low vibration, low noise, long service life.

Vacuum rotary vane pump blister packaging

Hot forming blister vacuum pumping machine after sale.

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1. warranty service

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