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Notice for Selection and Quotation of Roots Fan

Because Roots fan selection considers many factors, so Roots fan quotation is not like other general equipment has a direct price. EVP Roots fan quotation depends on your specific situation. If you need Roots fan selection quotation service, you are welcome to click on the button below for price consultation, or send an email to

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Example: The model of three-leaf Roots blower is defined by its caliber. Its caliber ranges from 32A to 200A. It is divided into ZW-202, ZW-204, ZW-306, ZW-406, ZW-508, ZW-610, ZW-712 and ZW-816. The quotation of different caliber Roots blower is different, while the quotation of the same caliber, such as ZW-202 Roots blower, can be divided into single tank, double tank and double tank water-cooled according to different pressure. The quotation is also different, however, even if the same ZW-202 single tank Roots blower is available, the model of the distributor is 0.55KW to 4KW. Because of the different types of the distributor, the price of Roots blower is different. In addition, Roots blower can be used to transport flammable and explosive gases such as gas, methane and natural gas in addition to conveying air. For the transportation of special gases, the blower also needs to be specially designed. For special seals, the quotations for Roots fans are also different.

Selection quotation process

Selection quotation process

Roots blower introduction

Roots Blower PriceRoots Blower Price

Roots Blower PriceRoots Blower Price

Roots Blower PriceRoots Blower Price

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