ZR Large Size Roots Blowers


Combined with our rich manufacturing experience and the technology of RR Roots blowers and L roots blowers, ZR blowers are developed by using special impeller profile to realize high efficiency and energy saving.



1. Involute profile is applied to the impellers to get high efficiency.

2. Key parts are machined by machining center, gears are made in alloy steel and reach class 5 accuracy.

3. New structure is applied to oil tank to get better oil lubricating. Air cooling for the pressure rise of 49 Kpa.

4. Dual splash lubrication

5. Blower casings and head plates are mid-split structure to make easy maintenance.




Pressure rise:9.8~98kPa.



For large flow applications in Power, petroleum, chemical, metallurgy, cement, and air-separating industries


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