liquid ring vacuum pump quoted price

A vacuum pump is a device for improving, producing, and maintaining vacuum in a confined space by various means. Vacuum pump prices by pumping speed, rotor, the effect of extraction, structure and so on to decide, EVP vacuum pump type is complete, can according to the different working pressure range and different work requirements, provide different types of vacuum pump.

How does the liquid ring vacuum pump work and operate

Liquid ring vacuum pump notes for use

1. When connecting pipes, do not use welding slag to enter the pump.

2. The inlet pipe of the pump is connected to the middle and lower part of the circulating tank.

3. It is strictly prohibited to work under the extreme pressure (screaming). At this time, the vent valve located on the pump body should be adjusted.

4. The pump is not allowed to work continuously without water, or it will damage the mechanical seal.

5. The pump should not be started when the pump chamber is full of water to prevent excessive torque from causing spindle fracture

6. When the pump is stopped in winter, the water in the pump room should be discharged in time to prevent freezing crack.

7. When hard water is used as a working fluid, 10% oxalic acid or detergent used on industrial boilers shall be regularly soaked and cleaned in the pump chamber.

The main damage types of liquid ring vacuum pump blade are blade damage, blade crack, blade corrosion or cavitation.

1. Blade fracture

This is mainly due to solids stuck in the pump, such as metal blocks and gravel. As the impeller rotates, it can hit a solid block or get stuck in a solid and damage the blade. In addition, fatigue damage is caused by stress concentration at the blade root and by gas and liquid pressure in the pump chamber. The impeller with damaged blade should be replaced in time, and the cause should be found out and corresponding measures should be taken (if the impeller is damaged due to insufficient strength, the number of blades can be increased).

2. Blade crack

It usually occurs at the root of a leaf. Most of these were fatigue cracks, and some were caused by casting cracks caused by large differences in the sizes of blades and wheel bolts. The cracked impeller should be replaced to avoid damage to the blade, resulting in accidents.

3. Blade wear

If the impeller is corroded by conveying corrosive gases and liquids, or the liquid ring contains solid impurities and is damaged by friction with the impeller surface, or the impeller is damaged by cavitation, it should be replaced if the situation is serious. If the damage is not serious, repair with repair welding. Repair welding, the impeller can be heated to 600℃, and then repair welding. If the size of the torch increases after repair welding, the original size must be processed with a file or lathe, otherwise it will affect the original performance.

Liquid ring vacuum pump application scope

It is primarily used to remove air and other gases that are somewhat corrosive, insoluble in water, and allow for a small amount of dust. It is widely used in vacuum evaporation, concentration, feed, dehydration, drying and other processes in food, textile, pharmaceutical, chemical, mining and other industries. This series pump adopts mechanical seal structure, compact structure, reliable use, convenient installation and disassembly of instant noodles, simple maintenance. It is especially suitable for the vacuum industry with large air discharge and low vacuum degree.

liquid ring vacuum pump quoted price

liquid ring vacuum pump quoted price

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