Packing Machine Vacuum Pump

Vacuum pump for packaging

Vacuum pumps are used in various packaging applications.

VACUUM Packaging

VACUUM Packaging

Vacuum pump is the key to prolong the shelf life of food in packaging process. Vacuum pumps usually empty the air, but they are also used to remove steam, fat and granular materials, such as condiments.

In the process of chamber packing, food is put into a vacuum bag and packed into the packing room. Drain the air and heat the bag.

Forming thermoforming process is used to package various types of products between plastic film or pre-formed pallets. The heated plastic sheet is placed on the forming die to form a container. Once cooled, the product is placed in these containers and vacuum is used because the top film is heated and sealed into the container.

Thermoforming greatly improves the speed of packaging production.


Vacuum is used to balance pressure and fluid movement in the bottling process. In the case of bottled consumer drinks, contaminants need to be removed by using vacuum pumps. During beer bottling, carbon dioxide is injected into the bottle to reduce the oxygen content in the bottle. When the bottle is filled with beer, the filler can also inject a small amount of inert gas into the top of the beer to disperse the oxygen.

Drug packaging vacuum pump is used in the process of packaging Blister or Push-Through-Packs. These packages are manufactured by moulding-filling-sealing process.

Packing Machine Vacuum Pump

There are several choices for vacuum pump of vacuum machine packaging machine

The application of vacuum packaging machine in the market has involved many industries, the most common is the food industry. The food we see in the supermarket is packed by vacuum packer, which can effectively prevent food from rapid decay and mildew, isolate air contact and prevent bacterial reproduction.

So when we need vacuum packaging machines, we will ask customers what products they pack, what size, and what efficiency requirements they need. Knowing these parameters, our professional salesmen will recommend the appropriate vacuum packaging machine to you according to the data, and there is a most important one is the vacuum pump. The speed of vacuum pumping depends on how efficient the vacuum pump is, and the ultimate vacuum degree can be achieved depends on the type of the vacuum pump. Below is a detailed description of how to choose a vacuum pump.

Generally, there are three types of vacuum pumps used by AI Xun: imported pumps, joint venture pumps and domestic pumps. The limit vacuum degree of domestic pumps is 200 Pa, and the efficiency of vacuum pumping is from 20 cubic to 200 cubic meters per hour. Joint venture pumps are Joint Venture Zhongde pumps with the limit vacuum degree of 50 Pa and the efficiency of vacuum pumping is from 40 cubic meters to 200 cubic meters per hour. The best of all is Bosch pumps imported from

Germany. Its limit vacuum is 10 Pa, and its efficiency is the same as other pumps. We generally do not recommend imported pumps for small pumps. Imported pumps will be equipped with large vacuum packers or more than 600 vacuum packers to improve equipment efficiency. Small vacuum packers are usually equipped with domestic pumps, which is enough for use.

Specific how to match the vacuum packer with the appropriate vacuum pump or the need to know the customer’s product information at the beginning of the small edition, we will calculate how large the vacuum pump should be used according to the data. Welcome customers to bring samples to test machine, so that we can more intuitively see the effect of vacuum packaging machine packaging, Aixun packaging is looking forward to your visit.

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