Shielded scroll dry pump

Evp-pb series scroll dry pump is the next generation of completely oil-free dry scroll pump. Compared with the traditional scroll dry pump, evp-pb pump has stronger performance, higher pumping speed, lower limit pressure, lower power consumption and less noise. The gas ballast allows the pumping of condensing steam, including water, solvent, dilute acid and alkali. Evp-pb series scroll dry pump also adopts the end sealing technology, significantly extending the time interval of end sealing replacement. The integrated inverter drive with automatic voltage input sensing function provides overall optimized pumping performance, and evp-pb series scroll dry pump can be fully maintained on site.

Shielded scroll dry pump

Shielded scroll vacuum pump main application

1. Membrane preparation equipment, large science engineering and chemical analysis equipment;
2. No oil and gas extraction system such as semiconductor packaging equipment;
3. The pre grading pump of the molecular pump;
4. Medical instruments, biological products and pharmaceutical preparation equipment;
5. Food, medicine and other packaging equipment;
6. Special gas recovery, liquid crystal injection equipment.

Shielded scroll vacuum pump product features

1. There is no oil in the pump, so a clean vacuum environment can be obtained;
2. Low noise, < 52dB (a) 3, no water cooling, light corrosion resistance;
4. No leakage, leakage rate < 1×10-7pa.m3/s;
5. The input power supply is 220V50Hz, which is converted by the main control board.

Shielded scroll vacuum pump advantages

1. Ultra high machining accuracy, improve service life;
2. No leakage, low noise, small volume, light weight and strong adaptability;
3. Simple operation and low maintenance cost.

Shielded scroll dry pump technical Data :

Model EVP200PB EVP500PB
Pumping speed 3.1 L/s 6.5 L/s
Ultimate pressure ≤3 Pa ≤7 Pa
Inlet connection KF25 KF25
Outlet connection KF25 KF25
Operating temperature 5 ℃ to 40 ℃.

When gas temperature exceeds 45℃, please cool it before extraction.

Motor power rating 0.35kW 0.35kW
Cooling Air cooling
Noise level ≤ 52dB(A) ≤ 52dB(A)

Shielded scroll dry pump performance curves:

Shielded scroll dry pump performance curves

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