Screw vacuum pump used in forming vacuum of refrigerator liner

How is the forming process of refrigerator liner? What is the principle? Where is screw vacuum pump used. Today follow the small knitting from the liner material, blister technology, blister machine to understand.

Screw vacuum pump used in forming vacuum of refrigerator liner

Inner liner material
Thermoplastic materials: refers to the specific temperature range can be repeated heating softening and cooling hardening (Molding).

Common sheet plastics:
PS polystyrene thick sheet material
Hips impact polystyrene (140-150 ℃)
Abs: terpolymer of acrylonitrile (a), butadiene (b) and styrene (s) (160-170 ℃)
The common thickness of refrigerator liner plate is 0.5-0.8cm

Blister Technology
Also known as vacuum heating molding process
Thermoforming technology is a method of making products with thermoplastic sheet as raw material;
The process application is that the vacuum suction produced by the vacuum pump will heat and soften the thermoplastic sheet, and then form various shapes of vacuum “cover” through the mold, or adhere to the surface of various molds.
Adsorption pressure: vacuum (- 0.07 ~ – 0.09mpa) at the bottom of the die, so that the pressure difference between the two sides of the sheet is generated, and the die is attached to the die;

refrigerator liner

Technological process
Add compressed air (positive and negative pressure blister): to improve the molding effect, or the molding effect of the key parts of the complex shape of the tank is not good, add a pressure air forming box above the vacuum forming tank, and the compressed air pressure is ≤ 0.35Mpa. It can increase the molding speed and enhance the molding effect.

Blister machine
The structure of the machine is as follows:
Support system (loading and unloading)
Heating device
vacuum system
Compressed air system
Mould system
Trimming device
Control system

The screw vacuum pump is mainly used in the suction molding machine, which is a very important part of the suction molding machine. If you have time, you can visit the site.

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