large double stage water ring vacuum pump

With the rapid development of China’s economy, the demand for vacuum pumps in industry and other fields is growing. In the face of fierce competition in the vacuum pump market, how should users choose the products they need? What is the difference between large vacuum pump and small vacuum pump. EVP vacuum pump manufacturers are here to answer your questions.

2SK large-scale two-stage water ring vacuum pump reasonably absorbs the advantages of domestic and foreign water ring vacuum pump in structure, and is made by careful design and manufacture on the basis of the original SK water ring vacuum pump. The large-scale two-stage water ring vacuum pump eliminates all paper pads and structural adjustment pads, and makes all parts completely interchangeable, which greatly facilitates assembly and maintenance. The large-scale two-stage water ring vacuum pump has the advantages of high vacuum degree, high pumping speed in the high vacuum degree range, low energy consumption, reasonable and compact structure, safe and reliable use and convenient installation and disassembly.

The utility model relates to a large-scale two-stage water ring vacuum pump, in particular to a two-stage water ring vacuum pump, which belongs to the technical field of vacuum equipment. The utility model solves the problems of the single-stage water ring vacuum pump in the existing skills, such as extremely low power, high power consumption, poor reliability, short service life and difficult repair. The utility model mainly comprises a shaft, both ends of the shaft are provided with a support bearing frame, and the rear end is provided with a positioning bearing component.


large two-stage water ring vacuum pump features:

High power, high vacuum limit, but high price, large volume, heavy weight, high noise, high energy consumption, need regular maintenance, not easy to move, etc. Some must use vacuum pump oil or lubricating oil, which will produce oil mist during operation. However, it is wasted in a low vacuum. For example, in the laboratory, when a small amount of gas needs to be sampled by a pump, gas analysis, gas circulation, vacuum adsorption, gas transfer, pressurization, indirect water absorption, drainage, etc. Large vacuum pump will expose its many shortcomings. Therefore, how to reduce these shortcomings is a very difficult work for professionals, but it is still worth looking forward to.

small vacuum pump features:

Small volume, low noise, low power consumption, convenient operation, easy to carry, maintenance free, 24-hour continuous operation, but also make the medium rich in water vapor. Most importantly, because it is dry and oil-free, it does not need vacuum pump oil or lubricating oil, it will not pollute the working medium, nor interfere with the analysis of the medium. And the price is much cheaper.

With the wide application of small vacuum pump in various fields and the improvement of vacuum technology, the performance of small vacuum pump is constantly improved. Now, with the rapid development of science and technology and the continuous improvement of production level, the performance of small vacuum pump has been greatly improved. In some cases, small vacuum pump can replace large vacuum pump. This change is not only the progress of vacuum pump industry, but also the good news to improve the productivity of the whole industry.

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