Failure and disposal of the vacuum pump group

Similar anomalies have occurred in the vacuum pump periodically during all changes. After the backup vacuum pump starts, the original running pump stops. The vacuum of the condenser begins to drop slowly, which can be reduced by 5~6kPa after about 15~30min. During this process, it is found that the air and water separator is in negative pressure state, which is an abnormal phenomenon. The analysis indicates that the vacuum pump is not working properly, which leads to the decrease of suction force of the ejector, which makes the condenser vacuum drop.

Probe again, think inside the vacuum pump seal water shortage, cause water at the bottom of the vacuum pump is not filled with, gas water separator in the air leakage into vacuum pump and the vacuum pump in the negative pressure formed high enough, insufficient suction injector work. According to temporary use manual startup mode, to start the first sealing pumps running 5 min, and then start the vacuum pump, it effectively controls the vacuum lower, at the same time will be cooler to clean (found in the cooler is dirty), to ensure the sealing water. After taking the above measures, there was no abnormal decrease of vacuum during the operation of the reverse vacuum pump group.

From the vacuum pump and stable operation of sense, the filling water must achieve above the centerline of the pump, and then you can start, otherwise it will because of its internal parts touching occlusal unsmooth activity, lead to damage of the pump body, also only in this way not vacuum pump because of its less water and air leakage, normal operation, the seal water volume is not less than 200 l/min.


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